1kPixel takes users back to the past through art, crypto and NFTs

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Everyone would agree that due to the sheer popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFT) and the unprecedented amount of success that they have already experienced on a global scale, the future undoubtedly belongs to NFTs. From ‘CryptoPunks’ to ‘BoredApes’, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the value of NFTs will only grow over time.

1kPixel provides a canvas for people to use pixels to create a work of art. The difference is that everyone would do it as a community. Simply put, 1kPixel builds it, sells it, and splits the earnings. This is a world-first effort that should not be missed.

What are some of 1kPixel’s unique features?

Of course, every project needs a strong framework and some innovative features in order to attract investors. When it comes to 1kPixel, these features are plentiful. For starters, unlike previous NFTs, 1kPixel is the world’s first NFT crowd design platform where everyone can paint on the same canvas and produce a unique outcome together.

Secondly, 1kPixel involves a distinctive ‘PixelArt’ appearance that even allows users to transport themselves back to the 1980s, when 8bit classic gaming reigned supreme. Moreover, this project has a one-of-a-kind auction function wherein buyers may participate in an auction for their favourite artwork inside 1kPixel, as well as utilize another trading platform if desired.

There is also the unique rebid function, which allows NFT buyers to successfully price the assets again and initiate their own respective auction.

In addition, 1kPixel has the multi-mining method that enables artists to mine PIX through a painting, which is essentially mining by design (6%), allows NFT buyers to mine PIX via an auction, which is mining by trade (18%), empowers investors to acquire interest through saving, which is known as mining by saving (12%), permits bankers to mine PIX via liquidity stake that is referred to as mining by stake (36%), and last but not least 1kPixel lets NFT holders mine PIX via pledge which is known as mining by pledge (12%). Finally, 1kPixel also features DAO community governance which permits PIX holders to govern the community through their PIX%.


PixelCoin (PIX) is the native token of the 1kPixel platform. PixelCoin’s primary role is to enable users to participate in 1kPixel community governance by contributing PIX. Furthermore, PixelCoin will continue to build the platform in the future as well as engage in its continuous upgrading, transformation and even perform transactions on it.

With the debut of PIX, users’ participation costs will thus be reduced to almost nothing. Additionally, users can paint in order to gain PixelCoin and contribute to the production of digital NFT items. The experience of drawing NFT and obtaining PixelCoin is combined to inspire users to become more interested in drawing NFTs and acquiring PixelCoin on the platform, resulting in benign stimulation and user engagement.

With that in mind, 1kPixel therefore plans to launch NFTs and PIX in order to attract more crypto and non-crypto NFT aficionados by offering the benefits of actual ownership, digital scarcity, and collection possibilities.

About 1kPixel

1kPixel is the world’s first NFT platform and community established by the public. David Gulasi, the co-founder and CMO of 1kPixel, has over 15 million social media followers across Asia. The goal is to remove barriers as well as get everyone increasingly involved in NFTs and crypto. With a simple and user-friendly UI, it aims to make it easy for users to develop NFTs. As a result, at each stage of the painting production process, users are presented with a ‘Work NFT.’

When the ‘Final NFT’ is purchased, the customer may receive PIXELs. Every artwork is made by decentralized artists and has the potential to mine PIXEL. Also, each PIXEL bearer has the right to participate in community governance, thereby greatly improving both the project’s overall utility as well as its community strength.

For more information, visit the official website along with the Discord, Twitter and Telegram channels. Also, the 1kPixel team will be giving away more than 30,000 PIX to the community, so make sure to follow the aforementioned social media channels for regular updates and instructions on this.


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