Doodles NFT: A Beginner’s Guide to the Colorful World

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1. Doodles NFT recorded $360 million in sales volume in 2022, according to a report by Boardroom.
2. Doodle Universe consists of many NFT sub-projects: Dooplicator, Genesis Box, and Space Doodles
3. Some of the top celebrities and influencers to own Doodle NFT are Justin Bieber, Steve Aoki, Pharrell Williams, Gary Vee, Pranksy, and Loopify.

Enter the world of pastel colors, rainbow hues, and new experiences Doodles present a series of eye-catching hand-drawn characters in bursting joys and rainbow puke. It is one of the best-selling NFT collections in 2022 based on NFTStudio24 Rarity Ranking, and has a new collection, Doodles 2 coming soon! Here’s all you need to know about Doodles. 

PFPs or profile picture NFTs have become quite common after Bored Ape Yacht Club was released. Doodles stand out as bursting colored PFPs that have taken over the internet since last year. These hand-drawn characters attracted the eyes of every person that felt more interesting and immersive than the regular generative PFP NFTs.

Today, Doodles NFT ranks among the BAYC, CryptoPunks, and Moonbirds. By providing maximum utility and a well-planned roadmap, the team is making quick efforts to develop it as a Web3 brand. 

If you love colors and rainbows, then this NFT collection is the perfect one for you. By exploring the themes of love, positivity, and radiance through colors, Doodles is the best-selling NFT collection of 2022.

Doodles NFT
Doodles NFT | Source:

Doodles NFT collection

Doodles is a collection of 10,000 NFTs featuring hand-drawn generated doodles designed by Scott Martin aka Burnt Toast, each having unique traits that make them different from one another. 

The NFT collection was first launched on October 17, 2021, with an initial mint of 0.123 ETH per NFT. The price was higher than usual NFT collections because the team aimed to collect around 420 ETH for its treasury for long-term projects. Despite the high price, people actively participated in the mint.

Doodles NFT was initially launched as an NFT collection; now, it has developed into a whole universe. The holders are highly bullish about the collection’s success as the team keeps on bringing new things and adding utility to the NFT. 

Benefits for owners include access to the latest products, merchandise, and IRL events around the world. Also, access to vote on the Doodlebank, a community forum where founders and holders meet together to discuss the development of the project as a global Web3 brand.

Doodles rarities
Doodles rarities | Source: OpenSea

Doodles NFT Rarities

There are many types of Doodles NFT including skellys, cats, dinos, aliens, apes, and mascots, that differ in terms of the variety of accessories, rare heads, costumes, and more. 

Although the team hasn’t given any criteria for the rarity traits to rank which NFTs are common or rare, the NFTStudio24 Rarity Ranking Tool can help you identify the rare NFT from the generative collection.

NFTStudio24 Rarity Ranking

NFTStudio24 Rarity Ranking is a system that enables collectors, investors, and fans to differentiate value between NFTs of the same collection based on their rarity traits. It is a tool that helps you in choosing which NFT is worth your money and will most likely profit you in the long run.

The NFTStudio24 Rarity Ranking tool picks out rarity traits and gives scores that decide the ranking of the NFT.

NFTStudio24’s Top Pick!

Doodles NFT collection is listed and verified on NFTStudio24. Based on the data posted on the website, the total trading volume of the NFT is 14K ETH, which is around $21M, with the floor price at 1.2ETH ($1,823).

Since Doodles consists of 10,000 NFTs with no rarity ranking criteria by the website, it becomes hard to pick the best one among all. Here’s NFTStudio24 Rarity Ranking:

Doodle 6914
Doodles from NFTStudio24 | Source: NFTStudio24

Doodle #6914 ranks no. 1 on NFTStudio24 Rarity Ranking System!

According to NFTStudio24 Rarity Ranking Tool, Doodle #6914 ranks #1 in the Doodles NFT collection. The rarity tool carefully looked at the Doodle NFT’s traits to see which one is the rarest of all and ranked it based on the characteristics.

The Doodle #6914 NFT is currently at the bid price of 296.69 WETH ($493k) on OpenSea. It features:

  • Gold background
  • Gold Crown Hair with pink gems
  • Gold Ape Face
  • Gold Ape Body
  • Gold Ape Head

Top 4 Doodles NFT by NFTStudio24 Rarity Ranking

After Doodle #6914 NFT, there are other NFTs from the collection picked by NFTStudio24 Rarity Ranking Tool that you can buy from the OpenSea secondary marketplace:

Doodle 2238
Doodle 2238

The Doodle #2238 NFT ranks #2 in NFTStudio24 NFT collection. This NFT features:

  • Gray Space Background
  • Gray Alien Body
  • Gray Alien Head
  • Alien Face

The Doodle NFT price is 269.69 ETH ($450K) on OpenSea.

Doodle 7675
Doodle 7675

The Doodle_#7675 ranks #3 in NFTStudio24 ranking. This NFT features:

  • Holographic Background
  • Holographic Ape Head
  • Holographic Hoodie
  • Holographic Ape Body

The price of this NFT is 250 ETH ($379K) on OpenSea.

Doodle 448
Doodle 448

The Doodle #448 ranks #3 featuring cats. The rarity traits are picked by NFTStudio24’s ranking system:

  • Dark Purple Background
  • Calico Cat Head
  • Cat Face
  • Cat Body
  • Cat Hair

The Doodle #448 NFT is currently at the bid price of 250 ETH ($379K) on OpenSea.

Doodle 5337
Doodle 5337

The fifth rarest ranking NFT from the Doodles collection on NFTStudio24 is Doodle #5337. The NFT traits are:

  • Green Space Background
  • Green Alien Head
  • Green Alien Hair
  • Alien Face
  • Alien Body wearing a white shirt

This Doodle NFT’s price is 230 WETH ($348k) on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

For further rarity rankings of the NFT collection, visit: 

Doodles Doodlebank
Doodles Doodlebank | Source:

Doodlebank and DoodleDAO

Doodles is known to be a highly community-driven project that invites owners to give ideas and opinions on how the team should proceed as per its roadmap; this community is called DoodleDAO. One of the reasons behind the project’s success is this transparency that has impressed many collectors and NFT enthusiasts. 

According to Martin, Doodles aims to become an authentic Web3 company, and to achieve that they have enabled every NFT owner an opportunity to vote regarding decisions made on Doodlebank

Doodlebank is basically a forum where proposals are discussed. Each Doodle NFT = 1 Vote in the DoodleDAO to approve those proposals. Many decisions have been made through voting, such as live events, support for a 3D Doodles project, and more. 

Additionally, they also have a Discord community called DoodleDiscord for NFT holders to socialize and discuss different matters such as the approval system to incentivize artists and report NFT scams.

Instead of being vague, the team is more straightforward and involves the Doodle community in every decision they make. According to the website, the community treasury has over $5M in funds that are solely kept for the development of the different projects in the community.

Doodles Team Burnt Toast Poopie Evan Keast and CEO Julian Holguin
Doodles Team Burnt Toast Poopie Evan Keast and CEO Julian Holguin | Source:

Doodles the Team

The project is developed by a team of three people, artist Burnt Toast (Scott Martin), builder Poopie (Jordan Castro), and NFT consultant Evan Keast also known as Tulip in the community, while Former Billboard executive, Julian Holguin is the newly appointed CEO of Doodles. 

The team has a rich background of experience working with Google, CryptoKitties, Dapper Labs, Whatsapp, and many more. Burnt Toast has been working in the field of digital illustration for a long time and also minted his own art pieces as NFTs but his most successful project is Doodles which competes with BAYC and CryptoPunks.

Poopie and Keast helped in the development of CryptoKitties and both were part of the Dapper Labs team, so they fully understand the NFT and blockchain technology well. The team itself is quite involved with the NFT community, so the project also turned out to be a complete success. 

Doodles by Burnt Toast
Doodles by Burnt Toast | Source: Twitter

Success behind Doodles NFT

Doodles hold the record of collecting $166.1 million in just 3 months of the NFT collection launch due to their clever strategies and interactive artwork. 

The Doodles team experimented with different things such as rewarding early NFT buyers with something that latecomers couldn’t get, i.e., as soon as 1,000 memberships were sold out, the team closed the Discord community to make it more secure and special for the holders. 

This was quite new for a PFP project because usually gaining people’s trust and attracting buyers can be hard, so Discord is always open for new members, but the Doodles team did the opposite and this gained much attention in the NFT community. The idea of limiting members in the Whitelist mint was also adopted after Doodles did for the first time. 

The Doodles NFT collection was completely sold out and the Discord community is filled with thousands of influencers, famous personalities, and celebrities. 

Doodles Approval system for anti-scams

As you already know NFT scams have become quite common and many knock-off versions of the famous NFT collections are circulating in the community. To avoid this, the team came up with a unique approval system that incentivizes artists who want to start their own projects inspired by Doodles.

The members must first present a proposal to the Discord community about the project, the community will vote to approve or disapprove the proposal, and once it is approved the developers can launch their projects officially. 

They also have a separate channel made for scam alerts. So, whoever detects a scam within the community or outside, the members immediately report it on Discord to avoid any loss to others. Many Doodles-related fake art NFT projects have been detected this way, and Doodles’ reputation as a Web3 brand remains intact. 

Doodles projects
Doodles projects | Source: Twitter

Doodles projects

Other than the Doodles NFT collection, the team has released many other projects to expand its brand on a global scale but these projects are only limited to holders. 

Doodles is on its way to establishing itself as a global Web3 entertainment company. Recently, Martin and his team launched short clips of animations to give a tease of what’s coming in the future. Other projects are as follows:

Space Doodles for NFT holders
Space Doodles for NFT holders | Source:

Space Doodles 

Space Doodles is the first venture of the collection’s universe only for its OG holders. Each Doodle holder can claim one spacecraft designed by Burnt Toast as a replacement for each counterpart. In other words, every spacecraft is designed based on the unique characteristics of the original NFT and can be swapped.

These spacecraft can be banana peels, astronaut jackets, or any other random products that fit a Doodle and blast off to space in rainbow puke!

Justin Biebers Doodle NFT
Justin Bieber’s NFT | Source: OpenSea

Celebrities who own Doodles

The joyful and colorful artwork has grabbed the attention of many well-known celebrities and they are part of the Doodles community online. Some of the celebrities include Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki, Gary Vee, Loopify, and Pranksy.

Furthermore, Steve Aoki also collaborated with Doodles to drop a special Aoki Doodle inspired by the original art and Aoki’s persona. 

The team also announced Pharrell Williams as its official chief brand officer at a private Doodle holder-only event at NFT.NYC. CEO Holguin made the announcement with a short video clip of Williams expressing his excitement about working for Doodles.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube Caption: Doodles 2

Doodles 2 coming soon!

At NFT.NYC, Doodles crew dropped the official trailer of Doodles 2 featuring Pharrell Williams’ voice and music. The teaser opens in a dark, smoke-filled gloomy place. A Doodle gathers different items in a container and sprinkles rainbow puke in it. He gets out of its house and sprays it everywhere to fill the world with colors again. 

According to the team, Doodles 2 will be for everyone to mint. It will be more base-level Doodle than the OG one. These NFTs will have generic traits which can be improved by collecting the Doodles 2 items that are already launched, i.e., Dooplicators and Doodley boxes. 

Doodles Dooplicator and Doops
Dooplicator and Doops | Source: OpenSea

Doodles NFT drop: Dooplicator

Dooplicator was launched in May 2022. At first, a pre-reveal of incubator-like machines in rainbow colors was shown. Every Doodles NFT collector could claim the Dooplicators for free for a certain period of time. 

Later, the Dooplicator rarities of “Doop” were revealed. They are known to be part of the upcoming Doodles 2 series, based on the trailer released by the team.

Doodley box
Doodley box | Source: OpenSea

Doodley box is a collection of 24,000 NFT genesis boxes containing a rare assortment of apparel and accessories as wearables for Doodles 2. Holders could mint these boxes via a Bucket Auction held on 30 June 2022. 

All boxes look the same from the outside but open up to different special items once minted.

The Doodley Genesis box was first revealed in the NFT.NYC conference. The team installed IRL minting machines where attendees could use their credit cards to reserve Genesis boxes.

Doodles Genesis Factory | Source: Twitter

Additionally, there was also a Doodles Genesis Factory installed at the event. The attendees could explore the Doodles-making factory in real life; it was something new and exciting that only the holders got to experience. 

Dooplicator owners can finally activate their power to change outfits, head wearables, and accessories in January 2023 while the Genesis box will finally unbox in February 2023 featuring Genesis-Edition wearables that holders can collect, equip, and trade.

Doodles universe art by Burnt Toast
Doodles universe art by Burnt Toast | Source: Twitter

Doodles future plans 

Since its launch in 2021, Doodles have come a long way. It is one of the most valuable and authentic NFT projects that have established what an ideal NFT project should look like or progress as. 

By keeping its community engaged with its decisions, collaborating with companies and celebrities, and launching new collections as part of the universe, it has done everything to satisfy its community. 

According to OpenSea, the NFT collection’s total volume amounts to 141,000 ETH which makes it already a successful project competing against Bored Ape and CryptoPunks. 

The project has announced different activities that have brought much interest to the community. The team shared they will be releasing Doodles Records: Volume 1 original music produced by Pharrell in collaboration with Columbia Records. The music will be exclusively available for owners to use as background music for their NFTs. 

The album will feature Martin’s original hand-drawn artwork and a limited edition of wearables from Doodles 2. No details of this album record have been shared as of now. 

Additionally. it recently held a funding round led by 776 Ventures and co-founder Katelin Holloway joined the board of directors office at the company to help the team reach its goal of becoming the Web3 entertainment company.

Final words

There’s no doubt in saying Doodles NFT project will have a long-term presence in the Web3 world. As the team slowly develops into an entertainment company, its investors will surely thrive more and more.

The team itself already has a good background experience, their artwork is unique and eye-catching, they have been continuously working on different projects, and celebrities are also jumping on the bandwagon.

As an NFT collector, buying Doodles NFT can be quite profitable because not only does it offer good rarity traits, as mentioned by the NFTStudio24 rarity ranking tool, but they are also giving exclusive benefits to holders that no other NFT project has offered before. 


For more information on Doodles visit:


Twitter: @doodles  


Collection on NFTStudio24:  


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