Art Basel Miami 2022 kicks off this week: Top 4 NFT events

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Artists, creators, developers, and teams land in Miami as the Art Basel 2022 at Miami Beach, Florida, kicks off this week starting from December 1-3 with exciting new events held by world-famous NFT collections.

Art Basel Miami is basically a grand annual event where art comes to life in different forms. This time, the digital artworks from Web3 world are also participating, with many exclusive IRL events. 

Seeing the increasing interest in non-fungible tokens in the mainstream has brought many projects to receive global recognition. Celebrities and other famous personalities are actively joining the bandwagon to buy these expensive digital artworks and be included in the community. 

Art Basel Miami 2022 will be attended by many A-list celebrities and influencers, paired with club parties and other fun activities within the NFT space. Here are some events not to miss out on if you’re a digital art enthusiast currently in Miami. 

OpenSea x Doodles

Probably the most iconic collaboration of the year, Doodles has partnered with OpenSea marketplace to hold an event DoodlePutt for holders and the general public. It’s a mini-golf experience to be held on December 2-3 from Noon to 10 pm, sponsored by Tokenproof, OpenSea, Johnnie Walker, and Little Brewing Co. 


According to the official website, there will be 9 mini-golf holes in a Course, each representing a local in the Doodles universe. The course is filled with colorful characters, items, and some secrets to unlock. Once you make a hole at #9, you will receive a free Doodle NFT, based on availability. 

TIME Magazine is holding a TIMEPieces Gallery at Miami Beach featuring works of various NFT artists, sponsored by Morgan Stanely and Nat Geo Photography. The event will be held from December 1 at Black Dove Art. 

Source: Twitter

There will be Live art installations by Vinnie Hager and Andrea O’ Shea, community meetups, and meet&hug with TIMEPieces artists and guest artists. There will be separate events for private and public. 

There are a total of 200 artists’ and photographers’ works included in this event. Some of them are Steph Rapo, Akaash Bali, Sean Bonner, Lori Grace, Lindsey Byrnes, Mia Forrest, and many more. The artworks are minted as NFTs on different marketplaces such as

The Row x Miami Art Basel

The Row by Every Realm presents a real-life multi-media metaverse experience presented by Daniel Arsham, Misha Kahn, Hard, Andrés Reisinger, Alexis Christodoulou, Six N. Five, and Haze.

the row
 unique metaverse

The Row is a unique metaverse experience that brings the virtual to the physical through immersive artworks. The main artist, Daniel Arsham, will also be displaying a collection of his physical sculptures at the event. 

Note: This is an invite-only event for The Row members

The Embassy Party by y00ts

DeGods and y00ts present The Embassy Party at Miami beach on December 2, 8 pm – 11 pm, sponsored by Solana Spaces, Metaverse Miami, Dialect, and more. 

degods the embassy party

This is an IRL exclusive event bringing together all y00t NFT holders to meet each other and celebrate the success of the best-selling NFT collection on the Solana blockchain. 

The link to RSVP was already shared on Discord for DeGods and y00ts from where members could register and gain access to the upcoming party. 

Final words

Art Basel 2022 at Miami Beach is a major IRL event, which is happening after a long time, so people are more than excited to attend and enjoy the various activities and parties organized by the team.

The above-mentioned event is only some of the few major ones taking place. Overall, the city is buzzing with excitement to meet founders, teams, and artists in the NFT space to celebrate the industry despite the depressing bear market. 

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