CROSSTECH concludes its UAE trip with Successful Global Partnerships for the CROSS Value Chain Ecosystem

PR.Dept September 12, 2023
Updated 2023/09/12 at 9:19 PM
CROSS Value Chain Ecosystem UAE Trip

CROSSTECH, an autonomous decentralized blockchain infrastructure, successfully concludes its UAE trip. The team completed a significant milestone in expanding its global partnerships for the CROSS Value Chain (CVC) Ecosystem.

During the trip, the CROSSTECH team met with various companies and organizations to discuss collaborations in the UAE. The primary objectives of this trip were to strengthen partnerships and share the vision of CROSSTECH & opportunities in the CVC Ecosystem.

The team aims to onboard UAE’s media companies in its ecosystem, giving them an opportunity to utilize DACS storage. The two main organizations that CROSSTECH met were WAM, a leading media entity in the UAE, and the Sharjah Government Media Bureau.

Co-founder Yuma Tanimoto and  Tokuro Uhara also met Mr. Hashik, Head of IT  at International Corporate Business Services to discuss CVC blockchain utility for existing infrastructures.

Yuma Tanimoto
Yuma Tanimoto
Tokuro Uhara
Tokuro Uhara

Co-Founder Uhara expressed his experience and the outcomes of the trip.

 “The UAE is renowned for its dedication to innovation and its commitment to becoming a blockchain hub,” he said. “The country’s leadership and business community recognize the true potential of blockchain technology. We believe our CROSS Value Chain (CVC) Ecosystem can drive efficiency, transparency, and innovation across various sectors in the UAE.”


CROSSTECH is building the world’s largest autonomous decentralized Layer-1 blockchain infrastructure called CROSS Value Chain (CVC) which enables escrow node functionality and integrated sustainable decentralized storage.


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