Fireside x SKALE to launch a grant program to empower creators on web3

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Mark Cuban’s Fireside announces a partnership with SKALE, a blockchain network, to launch a grant program called “Creators Unleashed” to empower creators to transition their content to Web3 space. Both companies will use the $100 million ecosystem fund to make this project a success.

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As creators struggle to enter the Web3 space, Fireside and SKALE have partnered to make their dreams come true. The companies will give space for well-known and accomplished creators to showcase their talent on Web3.

SKALE and Fireside will release a grant program called ‘Creators Unleashed’ that will gather creators from all over the world on one platform to create something innovative and new in the web3 industry.

How can creators benefit from this collaboration?

SKALE blockchain will be funding about $100 million in its ecosystem for this project. Creators who are shortlisted through the selection process will be able to create content and transition to the web3 world using Fireside’s new Web3 content studio.

The content studio will allow creators to launch their Networks. These networks will be an invite-only and Fireside membership-based space for creators to interact with their fans. It is a unique opportunity for new and lowkey creators to kickstart their careers and gain loyal fans through Fireside.

The grant program is also exclusive to creators to assist them by introducing new opportunities and business models that they can use to benefit their networks. In a way, the program will establish a foundation for the entertainment industry to enter the web3 world through SKALE and Fireside.

Fireside CEO, Falon Fatemi says, “This partnership helps accelerate the ability for the entertainment and media industry to make the transition to Web3. While we were approached by many blockchain solutions, we’re thrilled to partner with SKALE to power the most performant, secure, and eco-friendly solution.”

By bringing in consumers and creators on the blockchain, both companies will lead the entertainment industry to a new era with exciting content and interactions.

Jack O’Holleran, CEO of SKALE says, “This is a transformational moment in the history of media and entertainment where creators align with fans to remove the middleman-controlled funding dynamics of Hollywood on its head. That’s why we’re excited to see SKALE used as the infrastructure to power that movement and bring fans closer to their favorite shows, writers, and personalities.”

What makes this collaboration unique is that creators and fans are not required to be involved in the crypto market. Since this grant program and Fireside Network is solely made to benefit the entertainment industry, creators will use the SKALE token for free NFT minting and transfers.

Final words

This collaboration is going to be a huge hit in the entertainment industry. Not only will it create a pathway for creators and fans to enjoy content in a brand new way, but also Fireside will become one of the first web3 content creation platforms.

Check out Fireside’s latest collaboration with Angry Lunch for the first-ever NFT show called Ramble On in collaboration with Entourage creator Doug Ellin, to get an idea about how Fireside is helping creators transition to Web3.

To apply for the grant program Creators Unleashed, click here. To get a Fireside Network Membership for exclusive content and access to the creators’ networks, click here

news room

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