Golden Ark Metaverse: The New Pot Universe Debuts on 4/20

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Golden Ark recently launched an Alpha version of a pot metaverse exclusively for the cannabis community on 4/20. The company plans on expanding its business on a global scale through blockchain technology.

The blockchain industry is opening doors for many industries to conduct business. Golden Ark is a progressive cannabis company that is always looking for alternatives to facilitate its marijuana community.

This time, Golden Ark recognized the potential of blockchain and the Web3 industry, so they decided to shift their focus on building a metaverse to gather cannabis communities from all around the world.

Golden Ark Metaverse

Golden Ark debuted a pot metaverse, where people can interact with each other and the existing features to bring business to the company. It consists of three main places within the metaverse. The Ark Tree is the highlight of this universe, the citadel for Golden Ark Metaverse members, which enables users to teleport within the metaverse.

Through the Ark Tree, members can teleport to the Ark City, Seed Horizons, or the Lounge Zone. There is also an Arcade machine for users to play and Golden Ark Stores.

In ‘Seed Horizons’, members are provided with the best technology features on the platform. The members can

  • Build a cannabis farm
  • Grow digital weed
  • Breed different kinds of cannabis strains
  • Trade crops for real cannabis through the Golden Ark Stores and much more

As a member of ‘Seed Horizons.’ you will be called a Metagrower.

Ark City is a fully navigable urban landscape and the capital of the Golden Ark Metaverse that gives the experience of city life. Members can shop, buy real goods within the platform, and spend time with their friends in the metaverse.

The Lounge Zone is a space for community members to get to know each other and find new friends. It is a place where people come to socialize, smoke weed, play arcade games, and show off their Golden Ark NFTs.

Arcade Machine takes you to play Skunktastic Voyage, the newest and most innovative play-to-earn that you can use for earn-to-burn for real tokens. These tokens can be used in Golden Ark Stores to redeem official merchandise or buy NFTs.

To know more about the pot metaverse and its future projects, visit:

Alpha Launch and 420 Community

Since the cannabis community regards 420 as a special holiday, Golden Ark debuted Seed Horizons on 4/20 to celebrate the occasion and highlight the main characters of the community.

Anyone can enter the Alpha version to see how much potential this metaverse holds in the blockchain industry. Golden Ark is optimistic that this pot-based metaverse will bring cannabis communities closer and help them expand on a global level.

About Golden Ark

Golden Ark is a team of California’s leading blockchain developers, who aim to move the crypto-community to the dimension of extended reality.

Golden Ark has launched one of the most remarkable, decentralized entertainment ecosystems ever. This ecosystem blurs the line between the digital and physical worlds by blending the interests of crypto fans, social media users, and online gamers worldwide into one universe.

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