Unlimited Guide to Blankos Block Party NFT Game and Token

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1. Blankos Block Party allows users to own playable avatars and upgrade them through different quests and missions
2. Its NFT avatars are created by independent artists, giving a wide range of choices to buyers
3. The team raised $120 million to develop this game led by WestCap Group and other well-known VCs.

Blankos Block Party is Epic Games Store’s first-ever NFT game developed by Mythical Games and Third Kind Games taking over the world by storm.

The little creatures paired with colorful and immersive 3D gameplay are the perfect collectibles that give ownership and utility in one place. Here’s everything you need to know about Blankos Block Party:

NFTs or non-fungible tokens in the gaming industry are essential collectibles that offer gamers an opportunity to own what they earn and monetize what they build.

Everything like clothes, accessories, shoes, characters, skins, etc. can be turned into an NFT in a Web3 game, each having some kind of utility. 

NFT games have become quite in demand for their utility. Instead of just playing for the sake of it, users can earn money or rewards while playing, aka the “Play-to-Earn” model. 

Blankos Block Party brings something new to the table. Designed by expert developers and artists, this NFT game is a mix of gameplay and blockchain experience. 

What is Blankos Block Party?

Blankos Block Party is an open-world multiplayer NFT game designed like a giant block party on a Free-to-Play model with small mini-games to play by co-founders John Linden and Rudy Koch.

The game was first announced by Mythical Games and Third Kind Games for development and received a total funding of $120 million. So far, hundreds of Blankos NFT have sold with prices ranging from $1M to $1.00.


Mythical Games is a game technology game that has worked for the development of famous AAA Games such as Call of Duty, World of Witchcraft, Marvel Strike Force, and Skylanders. 

Blankos Block Party was kind of like a side hustle for Mythical Games to build a great NFT-based ecosystem. The game was first presented as a tech demo by the team for corporate brands where they could design their own games and NFTs. Later, Blankos turned into an NFT-centric game. 

“What NFTs allow us to do is to bring the player into the economy so they can participate in the value that they bring to the game,” Koch said in an interview with Engadget

Blankos Block Party game features little block-like custom art digital vinyl toy characters called Blankos as NFTs on the EOSIO blockchain. 

Mythical Games
Source: blankos.com

Since it is a free-to-play game, the users receive a free Blanko character that can be used in different mini-games. 

The Blankos Block Party offers users a 3D experience of the gameplay without any restrictions.

People who invest money in this play-to-earn game receive a lot more rewards in return, a high-in-demand utility, a Multichannel support service, and a chance to have full ownership over NFTs. 

What are Blankos NFTs?

Blankos NFTs are available on the Blankos Block Party marketplace, which is the Mythical Marketplace. The Blankos are part of the game and the prices range based on their demand. 

  • Each NFT has many minted versions.
  • The price for Blankos NFT starts from $8, so everyone has a chance to afford it. 
  • The value is also determined by what serial number they are. A Blanko NFT with the #1 number can cost almost a million dollar, while a low serial will be at the floor price. 
Blankos NFTs by artists
Blankos NFTs by artists | Source: mythical.market

The rarity traits of Blankos NFTs are designed by different artists and brands including John-Paul Kaiser, Tara McPherson, Candie Bolton, Junko Mizunowith, Atari, and Burberry with a unique combination of GradeUP levels and Skills.

Blanko NFT stats
Blanko NFT stats

So far, 5 Seasons has been launched with unique NFTs, namely:

  • Private Beta 
  • Pre-Alpha
  • Early Access
  • Open Beta
  • Alpha

At first, the users are given free Blanko at an entry-level that they can update as they play different games or buy in-game items from the marketplace. 

In Blankos Block Party, players can buy and win characters, breed them by buying loot and in-game items, and sell them again on the Mythical marketplace to earn profit. 

Most Valuable Blankos NFT

As mentioned above, Blankos NFT is an in-demand digital asset currently in the market. Here are the most expensive NFTs sold up-to-date:

  1. Terry #52 from Pre-Alpha Season sold for $12,000.
  2. Terry #70 from Pre-Alpha Season bought for $10,050.
  3. Billy Six Bones #11 from Pre-Alpha Season for $9,999.
  4. Terry #56 from Pre-Alpha Season sold for $9,750.
  5. Terry #76 from Pre Alpha Season for $9,500.

How to buy Blankos NFT from Mythical Marketplace?

The Mythical marketplace is an easy-to-access platform where users can either use cryptocurrency or fiat currency to buy, sell, and trade Blanko NFTs. Here’s how to buy Blankos NFT:

  1. Sign up or log in on the Mythical Marketplace: mythical.market 
  2. Pick out a Blankos NFT from the market based on your preferences 
  3. Click on Buy and you will be directed to payment methods. You can either purchase using a debit card for fiat currency or Uphold account for cryptocurrency
  4. After purchase, the Blanko NFT will be transferred to your Shelf where you can view the Boxed Blanko.

You can also buy Blankos NFT from within the Game. Simply launch the game and buy the NFT from the Store using Blankos Bucks, the in-game currency. 

All the new NFT drops are announced on Blankos Block Party’s official Twitter.

What is Blankos NFT burn?

Other than minting NFT, the Blankos NFT is also burned to ensure its demand remains in the marketplace. The more an NFT is burned, the more valuable it will be in the marketplace. 

Blankos Block Party has introduced GEM Rush where you basically combine two NFTs to create one high-level rare NFT. 

  • The players are first required to buy two similar NFTs from an edition
  • Play them to the maximum level in different ways
  • combine them into one; once they have reached the highest level.

This can turn a $50 Blanko NFT into a $2,000+ token in the marketplace. 

Utility of Blankos NFT

  • Blanko NFTs are the playable characters that are an essential part of the Blankos Block Party NFT game
  • Play game with Blankos by performing in-game tasks
  • Upgrade Blankos GradeUP level and Skills to increase its value and sell them on the marketplace. 
  • Two Blankos can be combined to become one rare Blankos NFT. 

How to become a creator at Blankos Block Party?

 Blankos Block Party offers a platform for creators and artists to showcase their talent and be part of the ecosystem. As of now, Blankos has partnered with world-renowned artists and brands to design in-game items and Blankos NFTs.

Players can either design their own Blankos by buying the existing accessories and other items from the marketplace to make them look unique from other Blankos while artists, designers, and creators can also apply for designs of Blankos by emailing [email protected].

The creators can be anyone who has the capability to be creative and bring something new to the NFTs. The 

Make you own blankos
Source: blankos.com

The game will soon be introducing the “Make Your Own Game” feature, giving players and creators a chance to experience different games in the Blankos Block Party without any coding qualification.

What is Party Pass System?

Blankos Block Party features Party Pass System divided into three categories, 

  • Daily: easy tasks that give small rewards and one star. The time limit to complete is usually within a few hours or half a day.
  • Weekly: hard tasks with bigger rewards and five stars. The tasks have longer time limits to complete.
  • Seasonal: harder tasks that can take up to 8 hours per day. Those who complete these tasks are rewarded with expensive and rare item NFTs.

Gameplay of Blankos Block Party

As mentioned above Blankos Block Party consists of mini-games that users can play to earn rewards.

Blanko Brawl 

Blanko Brawl is the most common gaming mode on Blankos Block Party where two teams of 16 players compete against each other to advance to the next rounds. Each round upgrades with game modes and new objectives. The gameplay continues until 8 or less than 8 players are left. These remaining players then fight for life to crown the winner.

  • Team Stage: The Two teams compete in one round, and the losing team is eliminated.
  • Qualifiers Stage: The top players progress with multiple rounds while lower ones are eliminated
  • Finale: Players all compete in one playlist until one player wins the trophy. The winner is rewarded with a rare gumball that holds a lot of value in the NFT game. 
Blankos game
Source: Twitter

Within the Brawl mode, there are two racing modes that offer rewards to the players:

Energy Gathering: This game mode is a competition in which 20 Blankos compete to collect 200 units of energy within 2 minutes. The first one to do so with an energy charge wins the game.

Race: A race takes place with a lot of hurdles on the way. The players who overcome all the hurdles and pass through every control point to reach the finish line wins the game. 

Blankos Race
Source: Twitter

The winners earn Pins by completing tasks like hitting the most vibes out of enemies in a single level, kicking 3 Blankos with one swing in Melee mode, making it to the final round, and earning the most points via knocking out players or earning vibes! 

Players can earn 10 pins per match which can turn into rewards. Furthermore, these pins are refreshed at the start of every week, so players need to collect and earn rewards before it.  

The players are also rewarded with XP and MOOLA rewards along with Pins based on their performance in different games. 

In-game currency: Blanko Bucks & MOOLA tokens

Blanko Bucks is the native “hard” cryptocurrency of Blankos Block Party that can only be bought with fiat currency or cryptocurrency tokens from the Shop.

The currency can also be earned by completing hard challenges as well. The pricing of these Blanko Bucks is as follows:

Blanko bucks
Blanko bucks | Source: support.mythicalgames.com 

MOOLA is another in-game currency that you can either earn from playing games like completing challenges and Gigs or exchange with other in-game currencies. 

The Blanko Bucks can also be used to purchase MOOLA token bundles from the Shop. The bundles are priced as shown in the picture below:

Moola Token
Moola Token | Source: support.mythicalgames.com 

Utility of in-game currency

  • Blankos Bucks and MOOLA tokens can be used for purchasing Blankos and other limited editions of in-game items from Mythical Marketplace.
  • MOOLA tokens can be used to upgrade the Blanko character to customize skills and put accessories on them. 

How to get buy on Blankos Block Party 

 Blankos Block Party is quite easy to play once you know the basics. Now that you have read the complete guide above, you can get started with playing the NFT game:

  • Download the Blankos Block Party game on your PC (Windows 10) or macOS here
  • Create an account on the main site: blankos.com 
  • Once you have verified your account, sign in to your account on the app you just installed.

You are now ready to play Blankos Block Party!


  • Blankos Block Party is relatively new to other play-to-earn games. The platform is still unrolling new features and gaming modes. 
  • The NFT game app is only available for Windows 10 with the following requirements:
    • PROCESSOR: Intel Core i7-4770AMD FX 8310
    • MEMORY: 8 GB RAM
    • VIDEO: Nvidia GTX 660, AMD Radeon HD 7870, DX11 GPU
    • RESOLUTION: 1920×1080, Graphics Quality – High 60 FPS

This means someone who doesn’t have Windows 10 or macOS cannot play the game and only buy NFTs from the marketplace. The game might add compatibility with other PCs but no details have been shared as of yet.

Why should you play Blankos Block Party?

Blankos Block Party NFT game offers a wide range of utility in terms of its NFTs. The best thing about this game is that people can try it out for free and if they find it interesting, they can choose to invest in it. 

The team behind Blankos Block Party is widely known to be involved with the development of world-famous games like Call of Duty, Marvel Strike Force, World of Warcraft, and Skylanders. Furthermore, the NFT game is exclusively available on Epic Games Store, which is the creator of Fortnite. 

Having a perfect developer team and high-quality gameplays with tons of money-making utility, Blankos Block Party is worth every investment made. Even if you don’t download or play the NFT game, the NFTs bought from the marketplace will surely increase in demand but not as much as those which have leveled up. 

The NFT game will surely rise in demand in the coming years. 


Q1. How much does Blankos cost?
A. The starting price is $8, which can go as high as $2,000 or more. Each NFT price is calculated based on its rarity trait and demand.

Q2. Can you earn money from Blankos?
A. You can earn money by claiming daily rewards. Users can also receive a free Party Pass and an NFT in the game. Furthermore, players can also earn money by trading Blankos NFT on Mythical Marketplace.

Q3. Can you win NFTs in Blankos?
A. You can build a game and win NFTs in Blankos, which can be sold and traded on Mythical Marketplace.

Q4. Can you earn cryptocurrency in Blankos?
A. No, you cannot earn cryptocurrency but you can earn in-game tokens like MOOLA and Blankos Bucks to buy NFTs.

Q5. Is Blankos Block Party similar to Axie Infinity?
A. Although both games are built on the play-to-earn model, Blankos allows the creation of mini-games within its ecosystem and doesn’t allow users to earn cryptocurrency like Axie Infinity.


For more information on Blankos Block Party visit:

Website: blankos.com 

Twitter: @PlayBlankos 

Discord: discord.gg/playblankos 


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