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NFTStudio24 had the honor to interview the managing director of LUNA PR, Dr. Nisheta Sachdev about various aspects of PR and Marketing in the Crypto industry, how PR can help small projects, finding investment opportunities, and LUNA Corp’s own achievements.

Building a reputation or identity is an important part of doing business. Brands that have a strong base are most likely to last longer than those that don’t. But how do they do it? Through public relations. 

Every company needs authentic PR to stay relevant in the industry, especially in Web3 since we all know the crypto or DeFi industry is still in its early stage. 

The majority of people don’t trust it because of false speculations and persistent scams. In 2020,  this was a big concern for Dr. Nisheta. Having a background education in marketing, she saw that Web3 companies weren’t conveying the right message or applying the right strategies to attract consumers. 

She and her sister decided to open up a PR agency that will focus on educating the public and helping startups and entrepreneurs establish themselves organically through proper PR. 

Dr. Nisheta
Dr. Nisheta| Source: Twitter

Now, Dr. Nisheta is a well-known Public Relations and Marketing expert in Web3 based in Dubai. At LUNA PR, she helps clients establish their brands at a global level through marketing, public relations, advisory, and investor relations. 

Dr. Nisheta is also a creative director at CoinTelegraph MENA and a Partner Investor in Luna VC, which is part of Luna Foundation. Luna PR along with Nisheta has worked with over 600 blockchain and crypto projects. 

Luna PR Award
Source: Twitter

They have been continuously gaining attention from global investors. LUNA PR recently won the Web3 Consulting Firm of the Year award at the Leaders in Fintech 2022.

From crypto enthusiast to establishing a PR agency

Nisheta initially joined the crypto industry in 2017 as a student. She had been studying to become a dentist after completing her degree in marketing; however, Nisheta’s interest in crypto and Web3 led her to enter the space.

Initially, Nisheta and her sister were focused on the talent agency where they managed models for events related to the crypto industry, and also hosted events to attract more public attention. 

With time, they went from small scale to large scale and decided to open a proper agency in 2020 in Dubai, which led to the founding of LUNA Media Corporation. LUNA PR is part of LUNA Corp, an award-winning PR agency that has worked with over 600 projects.

Luna PR
Luna PR

Nisheta and her team are also actively working towards the education of Web3 by investing in CoinTelegraph MENA, a franchise focused on Web3 learning. 

“The Middle East and North Africa have provided us, as LUNA, with a massive base. We realized that there is such a big hole in the market when it comes to education.” Nisheta said. “We have all of these brilliant projects and everyone wants to learn about crypto but there wasn’t any source, so that’s our goal there.” 

Role of PR Agency in Web3

Since Nisheta has a background experience with public relations and marketing, NFTStudio24 asked some of the important questions that truly define “PR” and its role in Web3.

According to Nisheta, a PR agency helps get the news out to the right audience. All the brands that are popular at a global scale are only because of their clever marketing strategies. The role of any PR agency, and LUNA PR, is to help educate people about different projects, news, updates, and solutions, especially when the crypto is still in its early stage. 

“We help bring those solutions to light,” Nisheta said. LUNA PR stands out from other agencies because it doesn’t just focus on distributing PR articles or news to third parties, rather the team closely looks at what their client is doing, what solutions they offer to the market, and advises them on how they can better their product. 

The goal is to expand its reach to different regions that are beyond the possibility. “We work as a partner in this space.”

Building brand identity in crypto

According to Nisheta, LUNA PR picks authentic Web3 projects by looking at their messaging and key target markets. The teams focus on what a brand wants to achieve through marketing, what solutions they’re offering, what’s their roadmap, and what is their end goal. “We take all of this, package it up, and create this unique identity for each brand,” she said. 

PR for small startups

A lot of small projects struggle to establish their presence in the market or gain consumers. Nisheta says LUNA PR can push these projects to a higher level by providing advisory services.

The agency helps develop its tokenomics, whitepaper and also helps build a website and logo. She has helped people with ideas turn into proper companies or even help brands elevate their projects a little bit. 

The team works with founders to come up with something fun and unique that can grab consumers’ attention. 

Social media and PR

NFTStudio24 mentioned that a lot of projects believe making social media accounts is enough marketing or focusing on these social apps is better than hiring PR agencies, to which Nisheta shared that although these platforms are great to establish your brand, it still requires skills to grow social media presence as well. She also pointed out that the majority of people still misunderstand crypto and call it a scam, so promoting your project on social media can sometimes cause a backlash as well. 

According to her, the main goal should be to educate the masses instead of just focusing on the existing community.

Usually, social metrics only cater to an audience that shows interest. For example, Twitter has a really small crypto community, so all the new projects are only circulating within that space. LUNA PR focuses on educating the masses who aren’t familiar with this space.

“Real mass adoption is formed when education is the foundation. In order to form that foundation is where PR really is needed,” Nisheta said. 

In short, the power of PR is to get the right information out there that dismisses all false news most common on social media platforms. 

Effective PR strategies by LUNA 

LUNA has extensive experience when it comes to applying PR strategies. Nisheta shared some of the methods LUNA uses to help brands establish themselves more organically. Here’s what she said,

  • Deal with each client differently, an NFT project PR will be different from a DeFi project 
  • Target journalists from a massive database to those who cover the specific news relevant to the project 
  • Work on the Messaging of the brand

“We tailor it all down and come up with a strategy that will be effective in the long run. It also goes side by side with whatever the roadmap the companies are working with,” Nisheta said. 

LUNA also focuses on investor relations. The company has its VC arm that is in touch with several other VCs, individual investors, and offices that look for early token raises and equity raises. 

Nisheta and her team draft a pitch, similar to PR, that appeals to investors and journalists, eventually, if the proposal impresses them, LUNA helps them connect with their clients. It all works in a cycle where all the franchises established by the company are involved to make their client’s project successful. 

PR for low-budget startups

Many startups struggle with their finances and cannot afford PR agencies. NFTStudio24 asked Nisheta how can these startups benefit from LUNA to which she shared that her team is highly focused on accommodating every startup. Those who have a very low budget can always buy smaller PR packages that only start with one pitch or basic services. 

Additionally, if the project is worthy of investment, LUNA buys its tokens in exchange for public relations services. 

“We know budget is such a big part of the marketing experience, and we don’t want companies to spend their entire budget on marketing; it’s unrealistic. So, we wanna make sure that its sustainable marketing strategy is in place no matter what the budget size is,” she said. 

Investing in CoinTelegraph MENA

As mentioned above, Nisheta is the creative director of CoinTelegraph MENA, which is a recent investment acquisition by LUNA to focus on the mass adoption of the blockchain. She saw a massive need for educating the general public about this industry which will eventually profit their clients as well. 

“There’s no trusted source of media in the Middle East and North Africa, so we really want to be there, get into the community, and start from scratch,” Nisheta said. 

Rapid-fire Questions with Nisheta Sachdev

NFTStudio24 had a rapid-fire question session with Nisheta about her opinions on crypto, Web3, NFT, and the metaverse:

Q. What are your predictions on Bitcoin prices in 2023? 

A. An average low of around 30k, but some researchers predict up to 70,000

Q. What are your predictions on Ethereum prices in 2023? 

A. I would say an average low of around 5k, but some researchers predict up to 7,000.

Q. Top 3 crypto coins in your wallet and why? 

A. 1. Bitcoin 2. Ethereum 3. BNB coin. I love what they do for the ecosystem and it’s a safer investment during these market conditions.

Q. Do you think cryptocurrency will become as common as fiat currency in the next decade? 

A. It’s possible but it really depends on the speed of education and the user experience. dApps can be quite confusing for someone who’s new to crypto, so we need to educate the masses and we will reach there. 

Q. What are your favorite NFT collections? 

A. 1. Invisible friends, 2. Doodles, 3. Pudgy Penguins. I love what Yuga Labs does for its community. I’m also really a big fan of Dreamers by digital artist Yugal.

Nisheta’s message to NFTStudio24 viewers

The interview wrapped up with Nisheta sharing a very inspiring message to NFTStudio24. 

“Never give up and always keep growing. Even if you feel like you can’t, there’s always a way you can do it better, so don’t give up!”


For more information about Nisheta Sachdev and LUNA PR visit

Twitter: @nishoutofwater 


Note: None of the above-mentioned discussions is financial advice. Please take financial decisions at your own risk.

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