Mavatrix becomes the first reward-based NFT project on Binance NFT

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Binance NFT marketplace welcomes Mavatrix as the first reward-based NFTs to be listed in the BNB Chain. Through this listing, the team is thrilled to announce that Mavatrix will build a proper ecosystem with its native token, NFTs, games, and staking that will become a part of the marketplace.

Binance NFT marketplace is one of the best platforms to list NFTs. Supported by the Binance blockchain and community, it is a high liquidity platform perfect for an NFT launch and trading. Drawn by its perfect infrastructure, almost every famous creator or brand has launched its collection on the marketplace.

Mavatrix is one of the first Italian-led NFT collections launched on December 22, 2021. It is a collection of 8,799 distinctive art pieces that represent the originality of the brand itself. Since this is the first NFT collection, the team considered it a big achievement for NFTs to be listed on one of the future-proof marketplaces in the world.

Now, buyers can buy, sell, and trade NFTs by using Mavatrix’s native token, MVX on the Binance NFT marketplace.

Mavatrix NFT collection: the revolution to the NFT world

Mavatrix NFT collection is a special project that will completely revolutionize the NFT industry in the near future. Since the brand is building its own ecosystem, the team has introduced a reward-based system for the NFTs.

The Mavatar, which is referred to as the NFTs released by Mavatrix, features a unique trait for each NFT. This single characteristic helps the NFT in rarity ranking. The owner receives rewards that increase the intrinsic value of each Mavatar, making it a valuable asset to own. These rewards are based on how rare an NFT is.

Mavatrix NFT collection consists of unique DNA categorized in eight attribute types, five rarity tiers, and one ethnicity. The ethnicity is rarity-based that ranges from Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, to Divine, randomly distributed to owners.

The rarity trait is the main aspect of owning a Mavatar because the owners receive reward pools based on it.

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Mavatrix’s Rewards pool

Mavatrix introduced a rewards pool as part of their ecosystem. The rewards pool is a smart contract within the blockchain that collects royalties of their token from DeFi token transactions. This structure is quite complex but it helps the team regulate the ecosystem.

Based on the image given above, each Mavatar owner gets a rewards percentage from the rewards pool. The website explains it as: “Rewards will come from a percentage of the slippage of each transaction of the MVX Token via DeFi.” This means that during the normal transaction in decentralized exchanges (DEX) for MVX token when the system receives an additional 3% MVX slippage, it will become reward slippage that goes into the rewards pool. The rewards pool distributes the 3% slippage as a reward to owners based on the weight and rarity of the NFT they own.

The reward distribution ranges from Common trait NFT receiving the 0.0100% of royalties to Divine trait NFT receiving the highest 0.4350% of royalties.

Mavatrix launches giveaway campaign

Mavatrix considers the listing on the Binance NFT marketplace a big achievement for the team. Therefore, they have decided to hold a giveaway campaign worth up to $4,000 in digital assets.

There will be three winners chosen. The first person will receive a rare Mavatar NFT, the second winner will receive a common NFT, and the third winner will be rewarded MVX tokens worth $100 in USD.

For more information about the ongoing giveaway, visit the website

Mavatrix becomes a Cetrik certified brand

Other than being listed on the Binance NFT marketplace, Mavatrix also marked another big achievement. Mavatrix is now certified by CertiK as an authentic NFT brand in the industry.

CertiK is a security platform where many blockchains and DeFi protocols are audited, monitored, and analyzed based on a fixed standard. Companies that don’t receive CertiK aren’t well-trusted in the crypto community; therefore, it is essential to receive this certification.

The team worked with CertiK experts to pass the penetration tests and advanced security audits. In the end, CertiK gave a security score of 88 out of 100 for Mavatrix, which is considered a high score.

The team made a constant effort to receive the CertiK certification to establish itself in the market and gain buyers’ trust. “The first and most important thing for us is providing our community and tokenholders with the highest safety and security standards.” the founders of Mavatrix, Giulio Gagliano and Jonas Canta said.

With Certik’s audit certification, Mavatrix highlights its commitment to ensuring the security of its blockchain and smart contracts, bringing transparency and maximum benefits to investors and users. Now that we’ve launched on Binance NFT Marketplace, the next step is to work hard to turn what a few months ago seemed just a dream into reality: launching the first gacha game on the blockchain.

See the full report at:

Mavatrix future prospects

With the success of Binance listing and CertiK certification, Mavatrix is slowly rising in the NFT market. The team plans to launch its first P2E game, currently in the development phase.

Mavatrix fans can anticipate many new features and projects. By the third quarter of 2022, Mavatrix will launch its second NFT collection where owners will be able to choose attributes and mint their Mavatars in the ecosystem; it is most likely to be launched on Binance NFT. In the fourth quarter, the brand will drop the first version of the game.

Through these projects and the game launch, the founders, Gagliano and Canta say they want to make Mavatrix a “community-driven, interactive hub of gacha games that will use blockchain and NFT technology to allow its users to play mini-games and battle with each other while earning tokens.”

About Binance NFT

Binance NFT is one of the leading NFT marketplaces in the world that operates on the Binance blockchain. The platform is divided into three product lines: premium events, mystery boxes, and a marketplace. Each line features exclusive NFT collections from world-renowned artists and creators.

Binance NFT marketplace gathers artists, creators, crypto enthusiasts, NFT collectors, and creative fans from worldwide, offering the best liquidity rates and minimal fees.

Binance NFT as an open market is on a conquest to build the first and largest GameFi NFT-trading platform for gaming projects via initial game offerings. It has partnered with the top game projects to bring in-game digital assets to the platform.

Visit for more information. To collaborate as a creator and artist, contact [email protected].

About Mavatrix

Mavatrix was founded by Gagliano and Canta, blockchain advisors and entrepreneurs. It comprises a professional team of fintech, blockchain, and gaming experts aiming to create an ecosystem to bring NFT and the gaming community closer.

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