Metaegg DeFi announces BNB dividend rewards for $MDEFI holders

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Metaegg DeFi announces BNB dividend rewards for MDEFI holders 1

Metaegg DeFi (MDEFI) introduces a new BNB dividend mechanism where users can earn and auto-claim rewards every hour with taxation and dividends controlled by the community on Binance Smart Chain.

Metaegg DeFi is an emerging platform that utilizes the DeFi protocols and trading model to make earning rewards and dividends easier than ever. 

Users are required to hold at least $10k of $MDEFI to be to participate and vote on whether to raise or lower the taxation/dividends or burn rates based on preferences. The platform also provides users the facility to analyze market sentiment, pool goals, or other events related to the crypto market.

Metaegg DeFi is the revolution to staking, pooling, and earning rewards never introduced before.

How to earn BNB rewards with $MDEFI?

Metaegg DeFi $MDEFI is a unique mechanism that provides users with BNB rewards via dividends from creative methods, including staking-lending, Internal Auto Trading Systems, and Exchange Transactions.

The BNB is created by pairing DEX and CEX on exchanges such as Binance, FTX,, KuCoin, and others. The investors also receive coin dividends from promotional activities on social media platforms.

Who can earn BNB dividends?

As mentioned above, users will be required to hold at least $10K MDEFI tokens in their wallets and HODL to collect the dividends every hour. 

Purchasing $MDEFI is quite easy, simply connect your wallet to the platform and then buy the tokens. 

Passive income and equal distribution

Metaegg DeFi gives benefits to $MDEFI token holders to earn passive income via the  Reward Reflection Model (RRM), a type of model in which rewards are issued when certain conditions are triggered, which in this case is whenever someone buys, sells, or trades $MDEFI, the holder receives rewards in BNB. 

To keep the distribution fair and avoid any manipulation, the platform has put restrictions on every holder, big or small. The users can only sell $MDEFI token transactions below the total supply of 0.01% and not more than that.

This will ensure the coin’s organic growth and prevent whale traders from pouring their coins. It has also used a clever strategy to avoid swing trading and reduced arbitrage on sell transactions.

Smart Non-custodial Auto Staking

Metaegg DeFi $MDEFI is built to make staking easier for holders. As a decentralized platform, the holders have full control of their $MDEFI. 

Additionally, the tokens are automatically added to the wallet instead of manually adding them, and the users can decide when and how much to stake without any limitations.

The platform utilizes the latest technology of staking to reward BNB when a condition is met. The BNB rewards are sent to the wallet without any claim required as long as the wallet holder has the minimum amount of $MDEFI in the wallet. 

Dynamic Reflection Token (DRT)

Metaegg DeFi aims to be a platform that equally distributes rewards to all holders. The platform has introduced a Dynamic Reflection Token (DRT) mechanism on the $MDEFI token that prevents whales from manipulating and maintaining the ecosystem. 

Metaegg DeFi also requires an anti-whale dumping mechanism to ensure the holders only own a maximum of 1% of the total supply.

Burning $MDEFI tokens 

Metaegg DeFi also includes a smart burning system of $MDEFI tokens to reduce the circulating supply and increase the demand for the token in the crypto market. The platform has an initial supply of 4,000,000 tokens and a $160K initial market cap. 

$MDEFI tokens have a maximum supply of 75M, so to maintain the tokens’ base price, the burning mechanism has been applied.  

Metaegg DeFi $MDEFI also features contracts that own the liquidity to ensure no rug can take place. 

Transaction charges

Metaegg DeFi $MDEFI holders are required to pay for the transaction charges when trading on the platform. These charges include: 

  • A 3% tax: this is charged on all transactions and is sent directly to holders who HODL $MDEFI coin as passive income.
  • A 2% transaction fee: these charges contribute to $MDEFI liquidity, making the token stronger against price fluctuations by increasing the floor price.

Future plans: NFTs and Games

Metaegg DeFi $MDEFI is a long-term project that will expand its ecosystem from more than just being a “yield-producing contract” on Binance Smart Chain. The team has announced they will introduce new tokens, games, and an NFT collection on other blockchain networks as well via a Cross blockchain mobile DeFi App.

The NFT collection will add up to the utility within the $MDEFI’s ecosystem, giving a new DeFi experience to holders. 

For more information on Metaegg DeFi visit:


Twitter: @metaegg_io  

Telegram: metaegg_io 

DeFi app: 

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