A Guide to NFT Jobs for UX Designers in 2023

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The NFT industry has grown into a million-dollar industry. The demand for NFTs has been increasing at a global scale, so more and more artists, creators, and studios are joining the space. 

With its popularity, there’s a wide frustration among users surrounding blockchain infrastructure, features, tools, and other aspects. This is because this technology is relatively new and not many people completely understand it unless they’re directly involved and have experience. 

The demand for NFT jobs for UX Designers has risen at a high rate this year because, for every project to be successful, there’s a need for a team of professionals who can look into customers’ needs and goals, and align with them. 

If you’re a UX designer, whether experienced or beginner, blockchain space is the perfect space to build your career. This article will browse you through different aspects of Web3 UX jobs.

What Does a UX Designer Do?

UX stands for “User Experience” in which an individual understands, analyzes, ideates, validates, and iterates a product or service to bring it closer to target customers. It’s a fun job that requires much research and clever strategies to make a project successful.

For example, if you go to the “Stationary” category on an eCommerce website, you will see there are thousands of stickers listed on the page. Now, the UX designer will help simplify your search by adding Filters to reduce the category to more relevant results. 

The main goal of a UX designer is to help simplify products so that customers don’t find it a hassle to use them. The individual looks up data, surveys users’ needs, drafts a design, and then continuously improves it for a better experience based on trends. 

Web3 UX Jobs: What are the requirements?

Now that you know the basics of UX, it’s time to dive deep into Web3 UX jobs that are currently in demand in the market. 

Usually, when you search for a designer job, you will see tons of hiring platforms where companies and small startups have posted positions. 

Source: ConsenSys

UX in the NFT space is quite similar to other industries; the only difference is it’s a new industry, so you need to do more research and put effort into bringing customers on board, but it’s still a high-paid job. 

UX designers in Web3 are required to have some amount of experience in user-focused prototypes or have a background in designing mobile websites, browser websites, and other platforms. They also have the responsibility to cross-functionally interact with engineers and managers, while actively interacting with the project’s stakeholders.

To become a UX Designer in Web3, it’s important that you have knowledge about NFTs, blockchain, crypto, DeFi, and decentralization. Once you understand this industry well, it becomes easier to implement relevant ideas that are practically effective for target customers.

Crypto UI Job

UI stands for User Interface which primarily comes under UX design. Usually, when people hire a designer they require both UX/UI because both skills are quite similar. 

The responsibility of this job role is to help develop a user-friendly interface software in the Web3 space such as buttons, screens, icons, and other visual aspects of a website so that new users can easily navigate through the app/website even if they don’t have knowledge about cryptocurrency or NFTs. 

Source: OpenSea

In crypto, UI designers are in demand because most firms are trying to target new users but to get them on board they need creative ideas that can make interaction with users easier. There’s no doubt in saying the success of any project is dependent on how good the UI/UX design is for user experience. 

Are there any Design Jobs in Crypto? 

Like any other industry, crypto also needs designers to help them create good and interactive content, mostly for social media and the community. There are thousands of graphic designers, UX designers, and animation engineers that are paid handsomely, sometimes higher than in the traditional job market. 

If you love designing, then crypto space is a great pathway to begin. Currently, many startups and companies are joining the Web3 community, and they need good UX designers who can help them launch their products and attract users. 

To get a job as a Designer, you must have proficiency in 2D & 3D design, video making, photo editing, illustrating, wireframing, communication skills, and creative ideas. It is also important to be highly experienced with tools and prototypes. 

Some of the design jobs you can find are:

  • UI/UX Designer
  • UX Product Designer
  • UI/UX Lead Blockchain
  • Graphic Designer
  • Freelance UX Designer
  • Design Program Manager
  • Cryptocurrency designer
  • Crypto Intern

And more. 

How to find Web3/NFT UX Designer jobs?

There are many companies that have listed job positions on their webpage. If you like any specific DeFi platform or an NFT project, you can just visit their website and see if they have any openings posted. 

Another way to do it is through freelancing. A lot of people who have less or no experience with UX designing start off as a freelancer because it exposes them to different aspects of products and services in Web3.

Many platforms offer crypto intern jobs to know everything about this industry. It’s a great way to start off for those who have no idea what they wish to pursue or if they need knowledge about it before they officially start building their career. 

If you’re looking for job positions in companies, visit hiring websites such as LinkedIn, Web3.career, cryptojoblist.com, and many more. 

Final words

In Web3, opportunities are open for anyone who has the capability to grab it. Whether you are a professional engineer or have no knowledge about software, you can still find your career ground here. 

For UX Designers, as mentioned above, there’s so much to explore and unleash given the infinite possibilities this industry holds, and you have the freedom to experiment with these features to meet the expectations and goals of the target users. 


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Keep up with latest news and announcements in Web3 world with NFTStudio24, Japan's first media platform built on blockchain technology revolutionizing the age of news and reporting.
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