NFT Social Media: The Future of Socializing and Marketing

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NFTs are dominating social media platforms rapidly as more people adopt this new technology. Today, these social apps are being used in the NFT industry in two ways, first to promote NFT projects, and second social media introducing digital collectible features on their platforms. 

Non-fungible tokens hold an infinite amount of utility; these can vary based on the field or intention. Since this is a new technology, many businesses, creators, influencers, celebrities, and even professionals are utilizing it for their own benefit.

The hype over these collectibles is real and it will remain long-term because this is the technology of the future.  

NFT Social Media
Social Media

Almost every social media platform is now looking for ways to integrate Web3 to facilitate users and attract more attention. From profile pictures, in-app features, and camera filters, to avatars and special locks, the apps are exploring the various possibilities within the space. 

On the other hand, NFT or Web3 projects are using these platforms to promote their collections or other content to the target audience. We all know social media is an advanced space when it comes to digital marketing and promotions, so these projects are taking advantage of them. 

To be short, NFT social media is being used in both ways, and it is actively contributing to the massive Web3 adoption.

NFT Social Media Marketing

Social media has opened up many possibilities for digital collectibles. Many collectors, investors, and traders are active on these apps to keep up with the latest news and updates, happening almost every day. Here’s how NFT projects are using social media:

Monetizing digital content

For the past decades, content creators and influencers have earned money by creating interactive content on social media that may attract audiences and grow followers. This takes a lot of time, almost years or months, and usually, these people are barely paid well for their efforts. 

So, how can NFTs help? These days many people are monetizing their content by turning them into NFTs. To be precise, people can now buy and own digital content such as artwork, music tracks, audio, video, etc. that hold value and utility for followers. To promote these projects, they use social media. 

In other words, social media is the medium to connect consumers with Web3 brands. It has become an integral part of digital marketing to promote NFT projects on social apps to gain an audience. 

Social Media adds value to NFTs

You might not realize this but NFTs that are the talk of the town or generally have a lot of hype on social media tend to value a lot. 

The biggest example is This NFT collection is designed by an unknown team with no roadmap or whitepaper except goblin avatars on the marketplace. The team utilized social media marketing to promote its project on a global scale. Just one Twitter Spaces was enough to spike people’s interest and the floor price rose to a record-breaking level despite the bear market.

Usually, NFT traders and investors don’t trust projects that don’t have whitepapers or roadmaps, but this collection was an exception because it used social media. is still charting high in the OpenSea marketplace. 

Like this many projects are using social media, especially Twitter to promote their collections worldwide. 

NFTs and celebrity culture 

Social apps are dominated by celebrities and the culture they drop becomes the trend. A lot of famous personalities have joined the NFT bandwagon, and the fans are also joining in their footsteps. 

Eminem and snoop dogg nft
Eminem and Snoop Dogg NFTs | Source: YouTube

So what’s the common platform where celebrities show off their NFTs? It’s social media. Celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Eminem, The Weeknd, and many more are actively promoting their NFTs as PFP avatars, resulting in an increase in demand and value for those collections.

Similarly, digital artists who have been popular on social media used it to promote their own NFT artworks. Beeple is the example who is now the best-selling NFT artist in the world whose digital collage Everydays was sold for 69.3 million dollars. He was already a successful artist on social media with a huge following.

Many small artists also use social apps to attract buyers. There’s no doubt in saying the massive adoption of digital collectibles is all thanks to social media platforms. 

NFT Social Media Apps Feature

NFT projects aren’t the only ones making an effort. Seeing the increasing interest in digital collectibles, many platforms have introduced NFT in-app features to facilitate users. Here’s how they are offering blockchain-based collectible functionalities: 


Twitter is the most popular platform for the NFT community. Almost every project has its main account on Twitter and this is where they gain loyal buyers from. Twitter has done a lot for digital collectible enthusiasts in terms of different features.

The most prominent one is the ability to upload NFTs as profile pictures. Users can access a separate option to connect their wallet to Twitter and then upload their avatars or any other non-fungible tokens as display pictures. This function is quite efficient because NFT PFP avatars are considered Web3 identities on social media. 


Currently, this feature is only available for Twitter Blue subscribers on iOS only. They can simply connect their wallets temporarily and upload Ethereum-based collectibles in JPG and PNG format. These PFPs are displayed in a hexagon shape to differentiate them from usual PFPs.  


Meta recently introduced digital collectible features on Instagram. Users can upload NFTs on the feed, Insta stories, and even share via DM to friends. They can also turn their collectibles into augmented reality stickers in stories.

After Twitter, Instagram is one of the popular spaces for digital art and other forms of digital content. Meta has been making initiatives to expand its reach in Web3 for the last two years, starting from introducing NFTs on Instagram. 


The platform first tested the features with US creators and later officially launched it for everyone. Currently, users can only upload their NFTs on Instagram but the app will soon be integrating this feature for Instagram Ads as well.

Simply go to settings, connect your wallet, and select the NFT you want to share. Note that, only Flow, Polygon, and Ethereum NFTs can be uploaded on Instagram as of now. 


Another platform of Meta, Facebook also launched an NFT feature for users to share their collectibles with friends and family. Similar to Instagram, the platform first tested the functionalities with US creators and later released it for everyone to use. 


According to Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, he wants to add more features that facilitate creators in sharing their tokens. It will soon launch different ways for creators to monetize their content on Both Instagram and Facebook. 


Snapchat has introduced a unique way of interacting with NFTs by launching AR filters. creators can now create and mint digital collectibles on Snapchat that will come out as augmented reality lenses. 

Source: Twitter

Although Snapchat is still in process of rolling out this feature completely because they are looking for partnerships with third parties who can help creators monetize their content without having to pay anything on the platform. 

Other social media platforms like Reddit, TikTok, and Pinterest are also unveiling their features slowly.

Final words

Social media is the fastest way to massive adoption of NFTs. As Web3 becomes more and more popular, social apps will also explore new features that will facilitate both users and creators. 

The best thing about social media is that you creators can mint NFTs for free unlike marketplaces that charge platform fee and gas fee from both users and artists. Social apps are especially looking for ways to make digital collectibles accessible for everyone, even if they don’t know anything about it. Vice versa, NFT projects are moving to social platforms because they see more opportunities in terms of promotion and marketing. 


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Keep up with latest news and announcements in Web3 world with NFTStudio24, Japan's first media platform built on blockchain technology revolutionizing the age of news and reporting.
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