Bloom. 🌸 #2967 NFT

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Bloom. 🌸 #2967 NFT

The FIRST ever NFT collection on Ethereum proof-of-stake 🌱🌸

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BLOOM is a Web3-native lifestyle brand.

We aim to bring the worlds of high fashion streetwear and NFTs together by exploring the concepts of Intellectual Property (IP) branding, the Zeitgeist, and the expression of Web3 culture in a contemporary way.

Rather than grafting web3 technology onto an existing brand as an afterthought, Bloom embraces the changing relationship between digital and physical goods with open arms.

BLOOM is the flower of hope, a symbol of creativity, and the embodiment of freedom, love, and growth. As a community, we embrace self-love and care for sustainability in our creations.

Together with our communities, we will occupy the vast and constantly expanding universe.

Starting with the “Metaverse”.

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