Fire Egg #311 NFT

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Fire Egg #311 NFT

The Phoenixes and their life cycle of life, death, and rebirth are an allegory for the efforts we go through to create the best versions of ourselves.

The Phoenixes are beautiful, fierce, & vibrant creatures soaring high through the Kynonian Kingdom. They are divided into 8 elemental factions:

🧊 Ice ⚡ Voltaic ✨ Light ⚫ Dark
🌬 Air 🌊 Water 🪨 Earth 🔥 Fire

The Phoenixes already have a secondary web3 revenue stream via their B2B wellness strategic partnerships, and have a vision of becoming the backbone of wellness & education in web3.

This project is created by Habit Nest, a bootstrapped health and wellness web2 company with 500K+ journals sold, $10MM in sales, and a published mobile app.

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