Spaceheads Saga #012

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Spaceheads Saga #012

Name: Tayyar Suvari

Tayyar Suvari was tired of it all. He had wasted the prime of his life crawling his way up the space force command chain in the army of some faction that meant no more to him than those he was fighting. The Uprising Factions period (year 3067-3091) was a time of valor and daring for many of the galaxy’s young heroes. Tayyar was remembered by many for his skill as a pilot and renown as a leader, though personally, he just wanted to forget it.

After the war, he took his large sergeant’s share of the war spoils, purchased his own ship, and tried to get as far away from that life as possible.

He had just arrived on Onduna and was nearing the main spaceport when he saw an unknown military cruiser with lights flashing blocking the main entrance. His state-of-the-art scanners gave him a much clearer picture, showing a very unique trio of animals being harassed by the soldiers from that ship. The picked-up audio informed him that none of the animals had any sort of proper identification. They were not only prevented from flying but were now also being prevented from leaving.

Tayyar’s perspective changed; he was 15 years in the past, now standing in the place of the soldier, helpless faces trapped in front of him. A nervous zebra beside him started muttering under his breath. He felt the energy boil over. Gunshots, a scream, a muted explosion, and he snapped back to today.

The scene on the scanner may resemble the start of his nightmare, but it didn’t have to resemble the end. He leveled his ship near the ground, engaged his tractor beams, and pulled. It was far from strong enough to lift the military cruiser, but he succeeded in tipping it. The harassing soldiers inside the spaceport clambered through the now free space in the entrance, while a dozen other soldiers crawled out one by one in all states of disarray from their fallen ship.

Tayyar threw up a remote miniature force field around the 3 animals and switched on the beam weaponry he knew would not penetrate that shield. The helmets, bulletproof vests, skin, muscles, and even bones of the soldiers were not like that shield, and his beam weaponry penetrated them all like a katana through the water.

He then carved a chunk out of the sidewall so the 3 animals could leave without wading through the massacre outside. He welcomed them aboard with vintage Struunusian wine, surprised they put up no resistance to the offer for a ride from someone they’d just seen murder 20.

“Blood shed, wine spilt. Drink up, no guilt.” The octopus sang to himself as he took 4 wine glasses at once with four arms, spilling surprisingly little wine.

Tayyar chuckled to himself, looking over his strange passengers, flipped on the engines, relaxed, and took off.

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