Spaceheads Saga #019

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Spaceheads Saga #019

Name: Nia Wren

Aruta was a prosperous planet, though Nia Wren was born into the small segment of that population that wasn’t rich. She grew up on the streets scrapping with other orphans for survival. She thought her life would change when she was adopted by a wealthy family, though all the changes were superficial. She was no longer fighting for literal survival. Instead, she and her many siblings battled for a kind of social survival. While her adopted family’s wealth seemed limitless, their time and affection certainly weren’t.

Being the youngest and being adopted, Nia felt like she had to prove herself, which wasn’t easy. The first ten years of her life were spent on the streets, not in school, and no matter how hard she studied, she never compared to her older siblings. Time and time again, she came out below them, never feeling good enough. On graduation, Nia’s siblings all went to the best schools around the galaxy, with her oldest sister getting into the prestigious Laruta Institute of Technology. Nia was barely accepted to local trade schools, and in despair, returned to her original home. The streets were as hard as ever, but her experience in upper-class society gave her a new edge.

She quickly found her success rising up through a small gang. She may have been the lowest in her classes back in private school, but on the streets, she was looked at as some kind of genius. She never lost the chip on her shoulder, and when she gained control of her crew, she took a small undeniable amount of pleasure in taking jobs that caused harm to others. Kidnapping, extortion, and assassination were becoming her gang’s fortes. She used her knowledge of the upper class’ ways and habits to perform jobs that no one else from the streets would dream of—soon expanding out of Aruta, making money, and causing distress all around the galaxy.

When she received a job to kill a far-off meerkat known as the prophet, she happily accepted, as she happily accepted all jobs. After learning more about the job, she became obsessed with it. This meerkat claimed that the galaxy was coming to an end, which she did not doubt, though he claimed to have a plan to save it. The more she learned about him, the more she believed he was right, and by fulfilling this job, she may contribute to the destruction of the galaxy. That was a funny thought. She put her best assassin on the job, dependable Kyrrha, who had never failed her.

Kyrrha disappeared, supposedly with some pirate, and the one they called the prophet was still alive. Nia had a brand to uphold, and this was not acceptable. One luxurious space trip later, she was on Laruta meeting with her client face to face.

“I would like to extend my deepest apologies and assure you that this mistake will be corrected, and the prophet will die.” Said Nia, laying on the charm.

“Oh, it’s fine, me and my friends are going to kill him ourselves. I am kind of in a hurry. I need the prophet dead as soon as possible so that I can save the galaxy.” Nia’s duck cyborg client said nonchalantly.

“What no, you must mean destroy the galaxy. With the prophet dead, it will be possible. If you want to save the galaxy, you very much need that prophet alive.” Nia responded to her client, now very confused.

Her client’s calculating eyes stared back at her, slightly twitched, and showed that for the first time in her life, she wasn’t 100% certain.

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