Spaceheads Saga #065 NFT

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Spaceheads Saga #065 NFT

Name: Tianbao

The massacre in Egeolara by the Collective affected everyone differently. Tianbao’s sister Qiuzi, the crown princess of Egeolara, had dedicated herself to the cause of the third resistance. She begged her brother to join her, but even more than he hated the Collective, he wanted to forget it all. He left his home planet and his position as an Egeolarian prince to find a new life.

His expensive ship made him an instant target, and soon after leaving the planet, he was raided by pirates. He convinced them to keep him alive in exchange for access to his credit accounts. He realized now that he had no ship, on top of nowhere to be. He requested admission into their pirate band. After mocking his high society accent, they eventually agreed, recognizing someone with his background could help them find richer targets. They were not wrong.

Years later, Tianbao’s gang had riches untold for average pirates, and his help in getting them had made him their dearest member. He had almost forgotten the nightmare he tried to escape when word of his sister’s imprisonment with the rest of the leaders of the Third Resistance reached him. He had lived a life of freedom. Now it was time for responsibility. He called a meeting of the pirate federation, a very unorganized group involving leaders of some of the most prominent pirate factions. He would need backup to help rescue his sister, and he planned to convince as many pirates to join him. He prepared his pitch to join forces together to attempt the biggest haul in pirate history, a raid for the riches of the capital planet.

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