Spaceheads Saga #066

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Spaceheads Saga #066

Name: Jarl Gumarich Dürrg

When the news broadcasts a daring heist where a few criminals get off with diamonds or a billion credit prototype, we imagine how rich those tricky few must be after a successful run like that. Most of us don’t realize that behind them are bigger teams with planners, hackers, government bribers, and many more. The fortune needs to be split among all of those involved in the work. Still, there is usually another one behind all of them, the financier. They fund the operation, and in the end, typically end up with the lion’s share.

Jarl Gumarich Dürrg was an infamous “investor” in these illicit operations. If you needed funds to hire a safecracker or bribe a guard to turn the other way, he had you covered. As a young calf on the streets of Divilles, he had learned quickly that money ruled everything. He saved his meager cut from the pockets he picked until he had enough to take out a hit on the leader of his pick-pocket gang. He made sure to be there when it happened and took the meager savings his deceased boss had and spent it lavishly on his old coworkers, convincing them to become his employees. From that day forth, every credit he made was spent on making more, and he soon became known as the financier of the underworld.

Today he was very excited as he had just caught word of an alliance formed across the leading pirate factions to raid the capital of the galaxy, Laruta. Such an expedition would require all kinds of weapons, specialists, bribes, and so many more expensive things. Thankfully he thought to himself, this group was about to meet the perfect one to pay for it all.

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