thegen #374 NFT

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thegen #374 NFT

cc0, free for every commercial use, meme. are here for the culture. og degenz in full form

prenounce it :degenz fookers. ! ! the first 12 tokens from our collection ( will be minted by us .. from then on, a meme contest will start every month under the hashtag #thegenz on twitter . . we will upload a meme template on the first day of the month. use thegen you minted+ whatever u want to complete the meme. every first day of the new month we will pick a winner and use their winning meme as metadata of that token (from #1 to #12) and airdrop the token directly to the winner immediately after uploading.

twelve 1/1 art pieces will come out of this concept in exactly one year and can thus fulfill its legacy.
12 months 12 artist 12 communities 12 1/1 artworks

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