NftySanta can pack your NFT Christmas Gift

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NftySanta gift wraps Nfts for sending them as a Christmas Gift to your friends, families, and loved ones. They offer you to send them your NFTs, and they will beautifully cover it and then send it. And the recipient will only be able to open their Christmas gift on Christmas day.

NftySanta Gift Wraps NFTs For Sending Them As A Christmas Gift.

How Does NftySanta Gift Wraps NFTs:

After the NFTs boom, many big brands names fastly entered the NFT space in 2021. And the trend of NFTs is increasing day by day. So, the gifting tactics also got inspiration from the latest NFT tech. And now, in the NFT market, offers NFT holders to send your NFTs to them and the rest of the procedure they will take care of.

What Are Nftysanta Gift Covers? 

It is a website owned by tom Watson. It allows individuals to send NFT as a Christmas gift to their loved ones. The contract requires that the individual send them the NFT. They wanted to gift. And then cover those NFTs and send them as Christmas NFT gifts. Then it will appear in the lucky recipient wallet. The gift recipient would be able to open their NFT Christmas Gift at midnight on Dec.24 (GMT)

Words By The Head Of Nftysanta:

Tom Watson, the founder of NftSanta, says that:

“With Christmas around the corner, I decided to build a fun little site that enables people to gift NFTs to others where they can not unwrap it till Christmas day! It’s called NftySanta.

However, the value of many NFTs and crypto projects increased from a few dollars to billion dollars. From their launch to their success. So, we can expect the NFTs you are gifting today through NftySanta could be worth millions or billions of dollars in upcoming years.

Mechanism Of Nftysanta:

The sender is permitted to select the address of the recipient. Then they write the message they want within the NFT gift. And can choose the NFT they have on the Etherum Mainnet.

Now this NFT by the sender is delivered to the NftySanta contract, which mints a present for the receiver.

The NftySanta’s gift sending fee is 0.01 ether. Also, there is much competition presently running on the Twitter account of NftySanata, which will add people to the “nice list”. That permits you to deliver your gifts for free.

Furthermore, recipients will only be able to check their surprise gift the midnight on Dec.24, as their Christmas NFT gift will be surprisingly visible on the recipient’s wallet.

Tom Watson Details:

Previously he served his duties as a founder and former CTO VC, backed London startup Hubble. This year, he left his position to pursue the other venture. Moreover, for the last six months, he dipped into the NFTspace. Busy in building and understanding this mesmerizing digital world of tokens.

Words by Tom Watson:

He said:

“I thought this would be a great way to build infrastructure that can apply to other stuff. Learn a ton more about blockchain. As well as spreading some Christmas cheer.”

Nftysanta Safe Place To Send Your NFTs:

The NftySanat is entirely safe and secure. It works on the smart contract that requires the sender’s address at the time of delivery. It doesn’t need access to the sender’s NFT. However, an error occurs if there is any mistake in the recipient’s wallet address.

Goal Behind The Initiative Of Gftyanta :

NftySanta is an excellent initiative to help your loved one in pandemic season financially, as the worth of These NFTs increases over time.

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