Otherside metaverse begins the first demo testing for the “First Trip”

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Otherside metaverse First Trip

Yuga Labs is finally taking the step into the metaverse. After the successful Otherdeed NFT drop, OthersideMeta introduces “First Trip” to be launched on July 16, 2022. 

This week the Otherside team announced demo testing for First Trip with Improbable, a British metaverse technology company. The first demo begins on July 6, 2022, for Otherdeed holders only.


Yuga Labs’ first metaverse project includes all the NFT projects in one space. Now, Bored Apes will no longer just stay in wallets as PFPs; instead, they will be used as avatars in the Otherside metaverse.

Earlier this year, Yuga Labs dropped an official trailer of Otherside and officially announced the land deed would be distributed as NFTs for the metaverse. In May, Otherside dropped the Otherdeed NFT collection which broke the record of fastest selling NFTs, breaking the record for BAYC as well.

Amidst the crypto winter, Otherdeed proved that people highly anticipate the metaverse launch of Yuga Labs. Finally, on July 4, Otherside’s official Twitter account announced it will begin testing the metaverse platform for “First Trip” to be released on July 16. 

What is the First Trip?

Just as the name suggests, First Trip will probably be a first look at the Otherside’s Meta. 

Otherside Meta announced it will begin the first demo on July 6 at 12 pm ET for First Trip along with Improbable, a British-based metaverse technology company that has been successful with building metaverse platforms before. 

The company will test its metaverse platform using Improbable project MSquared.io or and users can experience the first look into the Otherside metaverse. However, only the Otherdeed holders from North America and Europe are allowed to access the testing and First Trip. 

The Otherdeed NFT collection was sold on OpenSea and BAYC, MAYC holders were also gifted with one mint for Otherdeed. Now that the deeds are ready, the demo testing will promote Otherside’s much-anticipated metaverse for its users. 

According to Otherside, the purpose of testing the First Trip before its official launch is to “push the Otherside platform to its limits with the Improbable team.” The load tests and First Trip will take place on desktop and laptop devices only. 

The first demo link will be dropped on the official OthersideMeta Twitter account on Wednesday which will redirect to the platform built by Improbable for Otherdeed owners. 

During the Otherdeed NFT collection, the Ethereum blockchain was clogged and many users weren’t able to perform transactions due to consistent errors. Since First Trip is going to be the first look of Otherside Metaverse, the platform needs to be perfect and clog-free for the users. Otherside Meta seems to be testing because of that. 

demo testing
demo testing

How can you enter the demo testing?

According to OthersideMeta, only wallets with at least 1 Otherdeed can try out the platform. 

There is no limit on no. of testers and the team is hoping to get the maximum number of people to see how the platform responds to such a load.

“The load test will start at 3,000 players and increase to 1,000 player increments every 2-3 minutes.”

If you are interested in seeing the Otherside Metaverse and have an Otherdeed NFT collection, you can easily enter the load tests.

As mentioned above only Otherdeed holders from North America and Europe where M²  operates will be able to access First Trip. The remaining regions will see the first look into the demo through a private live stream.

Otherdeed also announced that the attendees who watch the live stream will receive benefits related to First Trip. The team also announced that as M² expands its server to other regions, more and more countries will be able to access First Trip soon. 

yuga lab First Trip
yuga labs First Trip

What’s the First Trip gonna look like?

As of now, Yuga Labs hasn’t given many details on what First Trip is all about. On the official Twitter, only the announcement for the first trip went out, and nothing else. However, Msquared introduced itself on Twitter since many Otherdeed holders aren’t familiar with the platform. 

The platform is basically a “network of interoperable metaverses.” M² also shared a video on what its platform looks like. 


This means Yuga Labs is planning to combine its metaverse with other NFT collections, as seen in the trailer, using the MSquared platform. Other NFT holders will be able to experience the high-quality and well-developed metaverse project by Yuga Labs that is set to revolutionize the whole NFT industry. But since no details have been shared yet so this should be taken with a grain of salt

As of now, the First Trip will only be available for Otherdeed holders only.


Final words

With the first demo coming up on Wednesday, July 7, 2022, Otherdeed holders and other NFT/metaverse enthusiasts are highly anticipating the first look into the First Trip. Following the success of the first demo, the second demo will happen on July 9 and finally, the official launch will be on July 16. 

First Trip to Otherside Metaverse is an exciting time to be part of which will most likely push other metaverse projects to speed up. Metaverse is expected to grow and become an integral part of the traditional world in the next 5 to 10 years, and Otherside Meta is taking the first step into this change with the launch of First Trip.

For more information and the latest updates on Otherside Metaverse visit: 

Website: otherside.xyz/ 

Twitter: @OthersideMeta 

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