RTFKT launches Phygital Fashion collection for all CloneX avatars

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RTFKT launches Phygital Fashion collection

RTFKT is dropping its first next-gen phygital fashion collection for all Clone X DNA NFT avatars called “Forging SZN 1” with NFC Tech. 

Clone X is a collaboration between RTFKT and Takashi Murakami featuring 20,000 NFT avatars. The mint date begins on Wednesday 31 August until 7 September 2022.

Clone X phygital collection | Source: RTFKT Twitter

RTFKT’s most successful NFT project, Clone X is taking a new step in the NFT world by introducing a phygital fashion collection. Widely known for its 3D fashion items for avatars, RTFKT has made quite a name in the industry. 

Now, the NFT creator company is bringing its brand to the physical world by dropping physical and digital merch for all 10 NFT Collections with Clone X DNAs. Users can now unlock physical and digital looks from sneakers, clothes, and accessories via owners’ DNA/traits. 

Clone X phygital collection with NFT tech
Clone X phygital collection with NFT tech | Source: RTFKT Twitter

RTFKT utilizes NFC Tech for phygital collection

Since the digital and physical items will be based on your DNA/traits, RTFKT is utilizing NFC Technology. All forged items will have NFC tags except socks and caps which will be linked to your NFT.

Near-field communication or NFC technology is one of the most popular ways to link an NFT with a physical product. The product has an NFC chip attached having encrypted data that will give access in the form of NFTs. 

Once an owner receives the physical items from RTFKT, they will need to link them with NFT to prove the ownership. 

Only Clone X owners who have avatars from Genesis, Murakami Drip, Human, Robot, Demon, Angel, Reptile, Undead, Murakami, and Alien collections can mint the phygital collection.

Each avatar collection has a maximum supply and sneakers cannot be forged during the forging event after the private mint on 31 August 2022

Each Clone Holder can mint up to 2 of each item from DNA Collections and Murakami Drop. For example, an individual can buy 2 hoodies and 2 socks from the Human Collection. 

Additionally, if someone owns an avatar with Murakami Drip, they can mint up to 31 items.

The phygital collection also features the Clone X Genesis collection, a limited edition T-shirt series for all Clone X holders limited to one mint per item. This T-shirt series will be free for forging and minting for the Clone X holders. 

While other items require additional cost as specified on the official website. 

Murakami x Nike sneaker
Murakami x Nike sneaker | Source: RTFKT Twitter

RTFKT x Murakami x Nike Air Force 1

For the first time, Murakami and Nike will be collaborating on the RTFKT x Murakami x Nike Air Force 1 digital sneakers as part of the Murakami Drip collection. 

This means only the Murakami Drip DNA holders will be able to mint these limited series of NFTs featuring Nike. 

The Murakami Drip collection is already a very special NFT collection personally designed by Takashi Murakami that stands out from other Clone X DNAs. People who own these NFTs are given the exclusive benefit to own a Nike pair of sneakers digitally only. 

According to the official website, physical sneakers cannot be forged during the forging event but the owners can still wear them digitally on their avatars.

Murakami x Nike sneakers
Murakami x Nike sneakers | Source: RTFKT Twitter

Nike has also released Air Force 1 sneakers for other Clone X DNA avatars before. The reason is Nike recently acquired RTFKT in hopes to expand its brand in Web3 and metaverse.

The sportswear brand has been quite successful with its NFT sales, estimated to be around $185.32M by Dune Analytics. See details here

With RTFKT, Nike will be releasing more exclusive merch and sneakers for NFT enthusiasts in the future. However, for the Forging SZN 1, Nike sneakers are exempted from forging at least until the event finishes, which is on 7 September. 

So, if you are a Clone X owner with any of the DNAs, get ready to mint your favorite digital items to own in real life with NFC tech on your NFT this Wednesday. To know what items your Clone X DNA can mint, visit RTFKT’s lookbook: lookbook.rtfkt.com

For more information on RTFKT’s Clone X collections visit the official website today!

news room

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