The SNKRZ NFT Review: Move-to-earn and own land in Metaverse

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Have you ever wondered: what if you could earn money while just walking? Introducing The SNKRZ NFT fitness app. Now, you can earn simply by walking and working out. Enjoy a healthy lifestyle with The SNKRZ NFT. Here’s everything you need to know:

There are dozens of fitness apps on Play Store and Apple Store but those apps are simply made to track your progress and help you know how much movement you are doing on a daily basis to keep yourself fit. 

But sometimes, people skip exercising because they are too busy making money. This can not only lead to an unhealthy lifestyle but you also end up with a weak body and messed up mental health problems, which directly affects your work productivity and efficiency. 

So, what should you do to keep yourself motivated about working out or simply going out for a walk? The SNKRZ NFT has the answer to it.

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The SNKRZ NFT: Social fitness app

The SNKRZ NFT is a newly launched Klaytn-based social fitness app based on the Move-to-earn model. This means users can earn money in crypto tokens simply by walking, jogging, running, cycling, and hiking. 

However, there’s a catch! The users must have The SNKRZ NFT to be officially part of the social fitness app. The SNKRZ NFTs are metaverse sneakers that play an important role in the app sold on the OpenSea marketplace. 

The shoes are only available on the SNKRZ app for users to use and earn rewards in its native cryptocurrency, $SKZ and $FNF tokens.

The app is built with the latest technology that utilizes various sensors like GPS to record exercise data and track other information like the total number of steps, calorie consumption, and distance traveled. 

SNKRZ NFT metaverse shoes
SNKRZ NFT metaverse shoes | Source: OpenSea

About SNKRZ NFT: the metaverse shoes

SNKRZ NFT metaverse shoes are divided into 5 types, and each type has its own exercise intensity and speed levels upon which the users are rewarded by the app. 


Each shoe contains EXP points gathered from the workout data. Once the EXP point reaches a certain count, the users can upgrade their shoes via $SKZ and $FNF tokens to a higher level. 

These workout stats are highly influenced by the shoe’s attributes that are considered rarity traits in the marketplace: 

  • Performance: $SKZ rewards
  • Luck
  • Durability
  • Quality: $FNF rewards
  • Fever

There is also another ability “BOOST” available for limited edition shoes or high rarity SNKRZ shoes. 

The Fever, Stamina, and Charisma are given to users with each NFT along with the above-mentioned abilities. The app has also introduced different abilities for Cycling and Hiking mode. 


SNKRZ BreedLeaseSell system

The SNKRZ NFT has introduced a new system called “BreedLeaseSell.” In order to keep NFTs highly demandable and high in rarity, users can breed one shoe NFT with two already-owned NFTs. 

Additionally, the NFT holders can also lease out their NFTs to other users and earn money, which can be a good way of earning passive income while still being active on the social app.

These NFTs can be sold on a secondary marketplace on OpenSea as well. The higher the rarity trait, the higher the bid price will be for the metaverse shoe. 


Limited Edition SNKRZ NFTs 

The SNKRZ NFT is building a proper ecosystem where different celebrities and artists are part of the community by designing a Limited Edition of SNKRZ NFTs for users to buy. 

All the proceeds earned from these collectible shoes are sent to NFT holders as rewards. 


  • The NFTs can be used to earn rewards in $SKZ and $FNF tokens through walking, jogging, running, cycling, and hiking. 
  • The SNKRZ NFT features the SNKRZ system: BreedLeaseSell to make NFT shoes valuable in the market
  • NFT holders are distributed with rewards earned through proceeds of different projects by SNKRZ
  • Users are rewarded with items such as dubraes, patches, and laces based on their Luck level of NFT. 
  • They can also get buy items for repair, synthesis, leveling up, breeding, sale, and rental for the metaverse shoe

Items and Quests

SNKRZ also features special items and quests where users can earn rewards in the form of native tokens. All items have different purposes, here is a chart to know all about each item’s utility on the app. 


The Quests, designed by the SNKRZ app, are divided into Bronze, Silver, and Gold based on their difficulty level. The users who complete the Bronze and Silver quests get small rewards while those who complete Gold quests are sometimes rewarded with  $FNF tokens. 


SNKRZ LAND is the metaverse space connected to the real-world map where users can own LAND and earn $SKZ, $FNF tokens. Each LAND is sized at 10,000m^2 tiles and has its own characteristics. 

Since the SNKRZ LAND is built on a real-world map, the demand for LAND in the metaverse is based on the real world as well. For example, the prices of LAND near the River Thames on metaverse will be more expensive than other unpopular locations. 


The LAND owners can earn money through other users, which gives them the ability to earn passive income without doing much. Every time a user enters their LAND, they earn $SKZ tokens.

For LAND owners who make an effort to upgrade their LAND to a high level, they receive $FNF tokens as rewards. Additionally, they can also rent LAND to other users. 


Each LAND has tiles that shift control based on how much a user workout on that tile compared to other users. In other words, users can pick any tile and work out on that specific tile to set a record. The user who has the most workout rate on that tile will have full control over it. 

The user can then earn $SKZ tokens from other users’ records on that tile as a controller. However, if the LAND on which the tile exists is owned by someone, the user will earn a small amount of $SKZ tokens along with the LAND owner. 


$SKZ and $FNF tokens

$SKZ and $FNF tokens are the native cryptocurrencies of The SNKRZ NFT that are part of its ecosystem. 

The $SKZ token is the game token for repair, level-up, lucky draws, and other events held by The SNKRZ NFT

The $FNF token is the governance token that enables its holders the ability to vote for the SNKRZ economy decisions and proposals on the social app. 

Final words

For fitness enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts, The SNKRZ is the perfect app to exercise, stay healthy, and earn money as well. Compared to other metaverse projects that only require users to sit all day and work on its development, the SNKRZ offers users an opportunity to earn while staying fit.

Furthermore, this fitness social app can also be a good motivator to stay true to your workout goals and share them with like-minded people. 

But the best thing about the SNKRZ NFT is its rich utility in NFTs and metaverse that allow users to earn something instead of holding on to the digital collectibles in the wallet.

So, get ready to work out and earn rewards with The SNKRZ NFT today!


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