A Singapore Council announces NFTs for less privileged people

Singapore’s South East Community Development Council announces they will be giving away NFTs worth $60,000 to 120 less privileged people with access to LifesDAO to connect with 100+ merchants.

The initiative by the Council is to help poor people improve their lifestyles through NFTs awarded by LifesDAO, a local organization working towards the development of Web3 in the country.

The NFTs can be accessed by both the owner and their family to connect with 100+ merchants present in the LifesDAO network; these merchants provide services to the members of the DAO.

The distribution of the NFTs will span over 10 years. The first program will give people access to social programs; these digital collectibles are known to be worth $6,000.

“We are heartened to have such meaningful partnerships, initiatives like this serve as a part of our mission to strengthen social infrastructure in our community…,” mayor Fahmi Aliman said.

“LifesDAO NFTs are designed to grant its holders lifetime access to lifestyle services from participating merchant outlets in Singapore,” co-founder of LifesDAO Pulse Tan said.

According to Tan, blockchain technology should be used to enrich people’s lives not only of those who can afford it but also of the underrepresented communities. LifesDAO aims to achieve this goal.

Some of the local communities joining LifesDAO include Filos Community Services which also went through a one-month trial to test how NFTs could be utilized by different age groups.

“Our clients found the network of services relevant and meaningful, and we saw strong support to continue utilizing these services…” said Vivien Yeo, community manager of Filos Community Services.

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