Adidas Originals to reveal capsule collection for NFT holders

Indigo Herz, a BAYC connected to Adidas Originals, recently launched a capsule collection. Now, the NFT Holders will get a chance to “Unbox The Impossible” on November 16, 2022.

Adidas is actively getting involved with NFTs and Metaverse in partnership with Indigo Herz. Last year, the brand released “Into the Metaverse” NFTs, which were a complete success in the market.

Now, Herz is taking the brand’s Web3 strategy to another level with the Adidas Originals: Capsule Collection. The NFTs went on sale but the holders couldn’t see what was inside the collection.

Based on the data on OpenSea, the collection generated 1,233 ETH (~$1.8M) trading volume and its floor price is 0.235 ETH ($345) at the time of writing.

In a recent Twitter post, Herz announced the holders will finally get a chance to Unbox the capsule collection on November 16. “New look, fresh strategy, a visualization of what's next is on its way.”

“UNBOX THE IMPOSSIBLE” is a mystery but it’s going to be a major transition to Phase 2 of the Web3 strategy, Herz says. The collection will also reveal new partners with Adidas as well.

The previous collection “Into the Metaverse” was a global success as all 30,000 NFTs sold out on the OpenSea marketplace.

Adidas isn’t the only one expanding into Web3. In fact, Nike leads in the NFT industry by selling limited-edition sneakers as digital assets for the metaverse in partnership with RTFKT.

As the popularity of NFTs rises, sports brands are gearing up for adoption as well. The Adidas collectors are now highly anticipating what this capsule collection will reveal for the metaverse.

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