Adobe unveils new VR-based 3D creation tools for the metaverse

On Tuesday, Adobe inc., the most well-known software company, unveiled two new software tools designed to create 3D digital objects on the metaverse platforms, Reuters reports.

The “3D Capture” will help creators to design their ideal digital objects in a more simple and easier way. Simply capture the image of a physical item and the software will turn it three-dimensional.

The most practical use of this software will be in e-commerce where sellers can use AR giving buyers a chance to try products, much similar to physical objects, François Cottin from Adobe says.

The second tool will enable artists to use their VR headsets to create 3D objects using their hands. They can be used on desktops but the headsets will improve the overall experience of creating 3D items.

This tool is more like sculpting something in real life but in a virtual space. It might sound challenging but Adobe has added the desktop feature so that creators can make it even better.

Adobe has been actively buying software tools that might help users to create three-dimensional content for video games. Now, the company seems to be aiming for the metaverse.

Many platforms have dropped their own versions of simplified creation tools to design on metaverse such as VoxEdit by The Sandbox, which creators can use without having basic knowledge of coding.

Since Adobe is known for its simplified tools for almost two decades, its software is much more trusted. The company deeply understands the needs of creators and integrates them into its tools.

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