launch first NFT fashion show in Seoul

ALAP, a Klaytn-based PFP NFT collection, partnered with GQ Korea and Vogue Korea to showcase ALAP U NFTs virtual fashion show in Seoul Wave Art Center on the 25th of August. This is the first NFT debut fashion show to ever happen in South Korea.

ALAP U is a Klaytn-based PFP NFT collection featuring 10,000 collectibles of no-face avatars wearing fashionable clothes and accessories.

This is the first South Korean-made NFT collection that aims to introduce a new form of digital technology to the citizens.

With the slogan of “All Lives Are Palettes,” ALAP U NFTs are expressionless or have no moods, everyone has the same look but they are the only one in the world like us.

The NFTs are designed with the concept of  The more time I spend with ALAP U, the more ALAP U is dyed with my own color.”

With the debut of the fashion show, ALAP is aiming to create an IP character giving creators and designers the freedom to showcase their own talent via these NFTs.

The NFT fashion show was held for the first time in collaboration with two international brands, GQ and Vogue for ALAP U attended by Actress Kim Min-ha, Model Jang Yoon-ju, and Kpop Idol Jeon So-mi.

The celebrities shared that the NFT show was something new and fascinating to see for a fashion debut.

From HipHip styling, casual wearing, and fancy party dressing, 15 looks were designed by Vogue Korea and GQ Korea to walk on the virtual runway.

The ALAP U virtual fashion show is open to the public at the  Seoul Wave Art Center.

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