Analyst warns BAYC owners of phishing scams

ZachXBT, an on-chain analyst, cracks down on two scammers from France who have been scamming people to steal NFTs worth millions of dollars, especially BAYC NFTs. The investigator believes that scammers are still on a hunt to steal Bored Ape, and warns holders to stay alert of such phishing attacks.

BAYC NFTs have grown to become valuable digital assets in the Web3 world. Almost every Bored Ape costs thousands of dollars, which has grabbed people’s attention. With popularity, the scams have also increased drastically.

Crypto sleuth ZachXBT was on a mission to identify these repetitive NFT scammers and was able to trace the transactions.

According to him, Mathys and Camille from France (scammers’ name) targeted the first victim, Dilly Dally for Bored Ape #237 using a phishing link posted by an official account on BAYC Discord. After that, Bored Ape #6166 was stolen in a similar pattern and continued so on.

Since Ethereum The Merge is coming in September, ZachXBT warned the BAYC owners to remain wary of the NFT scams. The fraudsters might identify a loophole within the mainnet and take advantage of it like they always have.

To protect yourself from these scammers, make sure to read the URL before you click and approve transactions through your wallet.  Additionally, never click on links posted on Discord servers as they are most likely to be scams.


BAYC has already warned its users that they never post links on Discord servers or social media accounts.