ARKPIA launches NFT artwork by Carter’s Director Byung-gil Jung

Byung-gil Jung, a South Korean Filmmaker, and director of the famous Netflix film, Carter, partners with the ARKPIA NFT platform to release metaverse-based NFT characters and other artworks from his film 'The Villainess.' Some characters are also inspired by Carter.

After working on Carter, Director Jung is now taking a step towards NFT space to explore the multiverse themes based on his previous film, ‘The Villainess.’ According to the official press release, the NFTs will feature villainess characters, each having a separate storyline, background history, and characteristics different from another.

Before joining the film industry, Jung had a background education in oriental painting, which takes form in his upcoming NFT artworks.

“I've always thought hard about exactly how I should tell the stories I've spent such a painstakingly long time shaping. NFT seemed like a way to unravel these stories in a new space, in a form that is totally different from movies,”  - says Jung.

“As Jung is a director who attracts global interest based on his reputation as a master of the action genre, we have high expectations for his NFT launching, and ARKPIA will continue to set a course and a standard for NFTs through collaboration with world-class artists,”  Yohan Choi, CEO and Creative Director of ARKPIA said.

Jung’s NFT collection will first drop an Allowlist mint on August 16 at 1 pm UTC for 0.05 ETH, and then a public mint by the end of August for 0.15 ETH.