Autograph releases Tom Brady NFTs with fan club access

Tom Brady, American football star and co-founder of Autograph, is launching season tickets NFTs via Signature Experiences on September 8 with a special fan club/community access called The Huddle.

Autography’s NFT collection will feature 2,500 season tickets in collaboration with Brady on September 8, 2022, sold on its own NFT platform for the first time.

Experience the lifelong career of the legendary football player with Autograph. The holders will get a chance to see Brady’s progress in the season directly.

Fans can finally connect with Tom Brady, interact, and enjoy various perks as Signature Experiences NFT holders. The Huddle members will also receive invites to different events held by him.

Autograph also promises physical merchandise and special NFT drops exclusively available only for the season ticket holders.

The Tom Brady NFT will be released on Autograph, an NFT platform by Tom Brady, that introduces the Signature Experiences program to bring together fans and stars. Brady is taking the first step.

The CEO of Autograph expresses his excitement about the upcoming Signature Experiences NFTs. Although Autograph was founded last year, the platform is dropping the NFT collection this year.

“We think that fans have been craving to get one step closer to the actual game or to the actual person that’s their hero on the field and Signature Experiences is our answer,”  Rosenblatt said.

Yellow Star

People can buy Tom Brady featured NFTs from Autograph via credit card payment method or cryptocurrency. Rosenblatt believes many fans haven’t adopted the crypto, so they are widening their options.


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