Azuki’s 24K Gold Skateboards PBTs record all-time high sales

Azuki, an anime-inspired avatar PFP NFT collection, recently held an auction for “Proof of Skate” hosted by Chiru Labs featuring phygital limited edition 24K golden skateboards for NFT holders.

According to recent reports, the auction generated record-breaking sales of $2.5M from eight skateboards. The highest bid went for 390 ETH (~$520K) while the lowest was sold for 200 ETH (~$260k).

The golden skateboards are Azuki’s first PBT or Physical Backed Token, an open-source token that links physical assets to digital ownership on the blockchain.

These are the rarest NFTs that will not only give holders digital ownership but also redeem for real 24K gold-plated skateboards that weigh around 45 pounds.

“Each board is fully functional and depicts an exquisitely detailed golden dragon – along with one of nine unique emblems from the Azuki universe,” the description of the NFTs read.

Chiru Labs shares that the NFTs aren’t for riding but can be kept as a decoration and a moment when holders acquired one of the most valuable phygital NFTs in the marketplace.

The boards have a PBT BEAN Chip that links digital ownership to its physical counterpart. Holders will receive a Dragon banner on their social profiles and also be part of Azuki mythology officially.

The auction for eight out of nine Golden skateboards took place on October 21 where the buyers competed against each other on who can purchase the NFTs at a record-breaking price.

According to the Azuki team, the highest bidder is @dingaling, the second is a wallet address, and the third is SPIRITDAO, while darklady won the lowest bid for the NFT board.

This is the first high sale after the rug pull scandal from Azuki founder, Zagabond, came out, which was later cleared out through a blog post. The recent auction shows Azuki is still going strong.

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