Beeple Discord URL just got Hacked!

Beeple Discord URL just got Hacked!

Famous Digital Artist, Beeple recently shared that the URL of his Discord community was attacked by hackers. The artist warned his Twitter followers not to verify any wallet transaction.

The phishing attacks against the best-selling artist haven’t stopped ever since his Twitter was hacked and drained out multiple wallets, causing a $438,000 loss to his followers.

The scammers posted a phishing link using his account which led the followers to a fake website. Once the wallet owner verified the transaction, the attackers drained out their crypto assets and NFTs.

Now, the hackers have hijacked his Discord community to drain wallets. “It appears our discord URLs were hacked to point to a fraudulent discord,” Beeple said on Twitter.

Being a million-seller comes with risks for both followers and the brand or artist. Many attackers have tried this trick of hacking into big accounts’ Discord servers and accounts to drain wallets.

Beeple has been continuously criticizing the security of the Discord community. He hadn’t realized his Discord was compromised until an NFT influencer, maxnaut.eth pointed it out.

According to maxnaut.eth, Beeple’s team didn’t upgrade their OS system after the Discord link was hacked.

They tagged Beeple on Twitter and wrote, “Your OpenSea BEEPLE: EVERYDAYS - 2020 COLLECTION has a Discord link attached to it that links to a scam CollabLand wallet drainer.

As soon as the artist found out, his team immediately made the fixes. As of now, no wallet drain has been reported by any members of the Discord community.

However, if someone didn’t read Beeple’s warning on Twitter, they are most likely to be in threat of an attack.