shares her inspiration behind Metaverse-based CY-B3LLA NFTs

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is entering the metaverse with her new NFT collection, CY-B3LLA, a 3D cyborg-like avatar designed using the supermodel’s scans of face and body. Bella says she wanted to create a “cool version” in a virtual space, Reuters reports.

The attractive visuals and utility of metaverse attract the supermodel as she developed an interest in gaming during the pandemic COVID. She wanted to create a community to lead the “fashion, high-brand, women in web3, art, tech, togetherness, culture and how they all intersect.”

Bella collaborated with reBASE, an NFT minting platform, to make her project successful.

In an interview with Reuters, she shared that working on NFTs was a new experience for her and they were able to capture the true facial expressions of the supermodel.

CY-B3LLA NFT collection features 11,111 NFTs as passports to enter the global community led by Bella Hadid. NFT holders will receive exclusive benefits and VIP access to events held by Bella.

When asked about her inspiration behind the NFTs, Bella shared that each NFT was inspired by 10 countries designed by local artists.

“To see what kind of version of me that their brain concocted was really interesting ... There are so many different versions of me that you could make and not ones that I could ever dream up,” she said.

The first batch of NFTs has already been revealed as Japan-inspired images of cyborg-style Bella Hadid, dropping soon.

Other locations and art will be dropped between this month and September.