Big Head Club reveals Jim Carrey’s secretly produced NFTs

Famous American actor Jim Carrey makes headlines for secretly dropping NFTs called Germinations. The NFT collection was minted via his Web3 alias name “String Bean” on Foundation on May 9, 2022.

In an interview with nftnow, Big Head Club CEO Mack Flavelle exclusively revealed that the real artist behind the NFT collection and the narrator of the audio is actually Jim Carrey himself.

Germinations NFT collection is five art pieces with 30 seconds to 1-minute audio attached narrated by Jim Carrey as he enacts each character with a unique charm.

The NFT collection features Carrey’s view on society’s perception of fame, art, and value. It is an exploration of bright colors with different expressions that show the complexity of human nature.

When explaining the visuals and audio, Flavelle shared that these audios are actually “voices inside his head” that he hears; it is kind of like an autobiographical NFT artwork that Carrey experimented with in a unique way.

Flavelle also shared his experience working with Carrey and exploring his inner artistic side that showed a new side of his, never revealed before.

Since Carrey hasn’t been familiar with the new forms of technology or art but NFTs brought his interest, Big Head Club helped him with the project.

According to Flavelle, he is talented in painting things from his mind but he isn’t familiar with animation in painting. “That need to create is deep inside him,” Flavelle said.

Following the big reveal, String Bean has more projects coming up soon with Big Head Club. Flavelle believes that the identity of Jim Carrey as an artist will blend with String Bean in Web3 world.

As of now, the floor price of the Germinations NFT collection on Foundation is unknown but the highest sale from the collection was 0.55 ETH for The Bottles that Empty Me.

The demand for Germinations is most likely to rise as more and more people find out the true identity of String Bean.