Black Women in Tech to debut NFTs for Web3 career empowerment

Global Tech Advocates Black Women in Tech (GTA BWIT) is launching an NFT collection to support and empower young girls for career empowerment in the Web3 space.

The collection will feature 10 different designs, each having a unique backstory and name, representing the true power of Black women.

GTA BWIT is a non-profit organization committed to bringing tech-related opportunities to Black women. With this NFT collection, the group aims to showcase how it foresees the future of technology.

By taking on powerful roles and responsibilities, girl bossing and exploring their talent with confidence, this collection aims to push young girls to follow their passion and build careers.

“Everything we do with BWIT is to support the growth and development of young girls and demonstrate that a career and future within tech is possible,” said GTA BWIT founder Flavilla Fongang.

Fongang is the artist of this collection. In fact, all the artworks represent the struggles and challenges she overcame in her career.

Those who buy NFTs will receive various benefits including a meeting with Fongang, access to member-only events, a spotlight interview, and get a feature in the newsletter.

The NFT collection will be released on the Deliciae this Thursday, a festival organized by GTA BWIT which will also feature a book, exploring the stories of 51 black women.