Blame farokh becomes the latest Twitter trend in the NFT space

Blame Farokh or #farokhsfault has been trending this week, and it’s all farokh’s fault! The Rug Radio host and a well-known personality in the Web3 community on Twitter, Farokh has taken over the internet. Join the fun trend and blame all your problems on Farokh!

If you’re a normie or a newly hatched chick in the Web3 Twitter, then you wouldn’t know what #blamefarokh is all about! We’re here to explain it to you!

So, basically, the trend of blaming all your problems on farokh is like a meme that began after the influencer sold some of his Cool Cats NFTs. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that but some people found it problematic.

Now, people began to make fun of those who sell-shamed Farokh over an NFT collection and this has become a legendary meme on the internet.

Didn’t have a good day at work? Farokh must have done something! Lost a bid for your favorite NFT? Farokh must have conspired with the buyer!

We’re seriously loving the positive energy from the Web3 community. This meme shows that NFT enthusiasts are still hopeful about the market and overall industry.

If you go to Farokh’s profile or click on the hashtag #blamefarokh, you will see dozens of tweets blaming farokh for their problems.

The Twitter trend #blamefarokh is not just a meme, it is also a way to protect Farokh from all the hate he received.

So if you had a bad encounter today and no one to blame, then blame it on farokh!