Bored Ape NFT fans can now rent real-world Yachts

Bored Yachts Club is a new project initiated by a Bored Ape NFT owner and Melanion Capital CEO, Jad Comair to introduce real-life benefits for Ape fans. BAYC owners can now rent Yachts worldwide.

The Bored Yachts Club will first drop 8,200 NFT passes featuring 3 levels of benefits that will enable buyers to rent yachts. Anyone with a membership pass can rent the yacht.

Bored Ape Yacht Club began with the story of bored apes in a high-class bar. However, the community name has “yacht” but no yacht opportunities for the holders. This bothered Comair a lot.

Now, Comair is trying to bring it to life by introducing a decentralized yachting club. He will be launching a yachting platform for Ape fans where they can rent yachts anywhere around the world.

Comair is the Yacht owner of “Lady Amanda” which will be the first yacht to be featured on the platform but he will be bringing more yacht owners so more people can get a chance to have a yachting experience.

Buyers can live their boring lives in the yacht for a day or two by renting the yacht and all the funds collected from this initiative will be donated to the charity.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club community has been participating in various projects to promote its Web3 identity and brand with Bored Apes. Some are opening restaurants while others are dropping music.

Yuga Labs gives Bored Ape NFT owners the license to have full ownership over their avatars without any restraints. It is one of the benefits of buying an NFT from the BAYC collection.

Comair is also using his Bored Ape #624 aka John Blackeye to establish his brand of real-life yachts, which people who don’t own Bored Ape can also rent.

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