Bored & Hungry 

denies rumors of not accepting crypto payments

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Bored & Hungry, the world’s first NFT restaurant in America, seems to have stopped taking crypto payments, as reported by the LA Times. Restaurant owner Andy Nguyen denies the allegations by calling it “fake news” and says the restaurant is still accepting payments in Ethereum and ApeCoin.

One fine day, an LA Times reporter decided to visit the renowned NFT restaurant that takes payment in crypto. When the time came to pay for their meal, the restaurant’s staff told the reporter that the restaurant wasn’t accepting crypto payments at the moment due to an unknown reason. With the continuous bear market and low crypto prices, the restaurant seems to have paused or discontinued its crypto payment policy to avoid monetary losses, but this also takes away the restaurant’s claim to be the first one to accept crypto payments.

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Nonetheless, when the LA Times wrote a harsh article criticizing the owners of Bored & Hungry for fooling the crypto and NFT community. He claimed that the restaurant in no way facilitated the crypto owners because all the prices were displayed only in USD.

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At first, the owner Andy Nguyen didn’t respond but later came on Twitter to deny the rumors and called it “fake news.” He explained that the day the reporter visited, the system was updating so the restaurant couldn’t take crypto payments.

Nguyen said that the Bored & Hungry is still accepting payments in Ethereum and ApeCoin.