Boss Beauties x  WME 

to expand NFT endeavors in entertainment industry

Boss Beauties, an NFT startup dedicated to empowering women around the world, is partnering with a famous entertainment agency, WME to build its brand via film and the overall entertainment industry.

Having many years of experience, WME will lead Boss Beauties to build a brand by utilizing the intellectual property rights of its already released NFTs in Web3, gaming, TV, film, and entertainment.

Boss Beauties first NFT collection featured 10,000 unique portraits representing diverse women from different professional roles such as astronauts, presidents, CEOs, doctors, superheroes, and others.

The NFT collection and the startup itself aim to highlight young women who are working towards their dream careers. The proceeds from the NFTs sales are donated to women's support programs worldwide.

WME was founded as William Morgan Agency in 1989 and later merged with Endeavor to become the best talent agency recruiting well-known artists and content creators in sports and entertainment.

Boss Beauties is creating a global organization for women, founded in 2021 by entrepreneurs Lisa Mayer and Anthony Furlong.

Boss Beauties

With WME, they will receive professional help to fulfill their mission of empowering young women from different parts of the world.

In early 2022, Boss Beauties dropped limited edition NFT series, Role Models, for International Women’s Day, which include portraits of Amelia Earhart, Princess Diana, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and others.