BSTROY x Givenchy with Felt Zine debut phygital NFTs

Recently, Givenchy, a global fashion brand, announced a collaboration with BSTROY to drop a capsule collection. They also announced a partnership with Felt Zine to debut an NFT collection.

Felt Zine is a Web3 art platform and artist collective that helped with the designing of the Givenchy NFTs. The collection is curated by Matthew M. Williams, Givenchy’s creative director.

“... [We] focused on creating streetwear with unexpected treatments that resonate beyond fashion and enter the realm of contemporary art on the street and in Web3,” said Williams.

Based on the official page, the firm utilizes Aura blockchain’s technology for Givenchy’s NFT collection minted on the Ethereum network and available for purchase on OpenSea.

The fashion industry is actively entering the NFT space to experiment and integrate it with existing styles. Gucci, Burberry, Jimmy Choo, and more have already dropped their NFT collections.

Each NFT has a unique combination of artwork along with the capsule collection as the center. The artwork basically compliments the shirts, pants, or shoes revealed in the NFT collection.

There are 6 physical collectives from the collaboration and anyone who purchases any one of them will receive its NFT twin as well, so you can hold on to the original collection in digital form.

The collection was dropped on November 18 and is currently available for purchase on the official website of Givenchy.

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