BTS and Ariana producers are making music for KINGSHIP Bored Ape

KINGSHIP, a band of Bored Ape NFTs, will be debuting soon with original rock n’ roll music produced by James Fauntleroy and Hit-Boy, the producers who helped produce music for Ariana Grande and BTS.

KINGSHIP was formed this year as the next-gen supergroup signed under the Universal Music Group’s 10:22 PM, bought by Web3 entrepreneur Jimmy McNelis, featuring three Bored Apes and one Mutant Ape.

The Supergroup has already divided the band roles with Captain as vocals, bass, KING as lead vocals, Arnell as beats, producer & drums, and Hud as guitar, keyboards & vocals.

Ever since its debut, KINGSHIP has been collaborating with different companies to establish itself as an authentic band in the music industry.

The supergroup recently partnered with M&Ms for exclusive limited edition packets featuring KINGSHIP Apes on them, which were instantly sold out the day they dropped.

Now KINGSHIP is creating music produced by the Grammy-winning duo Fauntleroy and Hollis Jr. aka Hit-Boy, that helped Beyonce, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Snoop Dogg, and Kendrick Lamar produce music.

The duo producers will be working with KINGSHIP’s group producer and DJ, Arnell, to produce an album that fits the vibe of Bored Apes. A sneak peek of the music has been shared in the M&Ms ad.

“As a huge nerd, and music fanatic, I can't wait to see what comes from the intersection of the web3 collectors/creatives and the entertainment creative community,” Fauntleroy said.

The music album is currently in the works, so the NFT community and KINGSHIP fans can anticipate the official music album's debut in the coming months or in early 2023.

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