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BTS member JHope is finally debuting his first solo album called “Jack in the Box.” However, instead of a physical copy, the Kpop artist seems to be releasing a digital album. His fans, ARMY, seem to be unhappy about it and openly criticized HYBE, the management company behind BTS, for sabotaging JHope’s debut as a solo artist.

BTS’ JHope

to release a digital album? ARMY criticize HYBE

After releasing their physical album “Proof” in June 2022, BTS members announced they will be taking a break as a group and promote as solo artists. This news came as a surprise for fans but also great anticipation on finally seeing their favorite artists debut as solo artists.

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Following the announcement, JHope became the first member of the group to debut as a solo artist. He will be releasing a solo album “Jack in the Box” on July 1, 2022, and perform at Lollapalooza 2022, becoming the first K-pop idol to do so.

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With the news of the debut album, fans anticipated the release of a physical album. However, HYBE announced it will be a digital album available on Weverse Album App.

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This angered a lot of fans and they openly criticized HYBE for sabotaging the solo debut of JHope.

The songs will be streamed digitally through streaming sites and the album buyers will only receive physical photocards of the album.

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As of now, HYBE hasn’t responded to the criticism and seems adamant about releasing JHope’s album digitally.

ARMY fears that the lack of a physical album will prevent the artist from charting on International Music Charts, especially Billboard.