Busan City launches virtual space on Zepeto to lead World Expo 2030

Busan City launches virtual space on Zepeto to lead World Expo 2030

Busan, a South Korean City, is taking the metaverse initiative to lead the World Expo in 2030. The city is launching virtual space on Naver Z’s Zepeto platform at 12 p.m. on Friday KST.

Zepeto is a metaverse where people can create, customize, and interact with each other in a virtual space. Launched by Naver Z, it has earned much attention from global brands and celebrities.

Busan plans to bring the Kpop metaverse ‘2030 World Expo X4 Entertainment World’ to Zepeto to attract the generation Z joined by avatars of stars Zion.T, Arin (OMG), JEON SOMI, and Wonstein.

The metaverse space will feature virtual X4 Entertainment founded by the famous Emmy Award-winning actor Lee Jung-jae where visitors can experience being Kpop trainees.

There will be different games and events within the virtual space that visitors from all over the world can participate in to win rewards. Educational content will also be added.

The port city has already been declared a ‘blockchain regulation-free zone’ of South Korea welcoming various Web3 companies to set up their businesses in Busan without any complications.

Busan is also working with Binance, FTX, and Huobi Global to build the first city-supported crypto exchange for Korean residents. It has also announced its own metaverse city soon.

Previously, Busan shared that they are aiming to build a virtual city with its own digital ecommerce economy in partnership with The Sandbox, the same as Hong Kong’s ‘Mega City.’

Other than Busan, Rome and Riyadh will also host the World Expo 2030. So far, the two cities haven’t shared many developments related to blockchain or Web3.

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