Celia Cruz Knight Estate to showcase the Cuban artist’s legacy via NFTs

Celia Cruz Knight Estate is partnering with Archetype-IO to honor the world-renowned Cuban-American artist by debuting an NFT collection and a Web3-based avatar.

The NFT collection will feature Cruz’s life and inspiration for the younger generation to remember the musical legend.

Archetype-IO will introduce the legacy of the Cuban artist through rare footage, pictures, photos, and her personal belongings, including hand-written letters as NFTs.

The avatar of Celia Cruz will be a living replica of her personality which will perform live concerts in the metaverse using smart technology.

“We want to pay tribute to every beloved fan of her contributions as well as inviting the next generations who are ready to discover the lasting and timeless impact Celia Cruz had as a true icon and cultural ambassador of Latin music across the globe,”  says Cesar A. Ochoa from Archetype-IO. Anne.

The NFT collection will be available for fans to mint on Collector-IO, the NFT marketplace of Archetype-IO.

This will be the first-ever legacy collection to be featured on the platform, so it holds much significance to the Archetype-IO team as well.

“This partnership serves as a testament of the strong legacy she left, and that now transcends to these new platforms for the younger generations to learn and enjoy,”  says Omer Pardillo Cid from Celia Cruz’s estate.

The Celia Cruz NFT collection will be displayed and auctioned at Art Basel in Miami in December 2022 with prices beginning at $2,500. The metaverse-based avatar is set to launch in September this year.