raises $125 million to build educational kids metaverse platform

ClassDojo, an educational tech software house, is building an educational metaverse for kids. The company recently announced it raised $125M in funds to bring the virtual platform to reality.

Kids’metaverse, yet to be officially named, will feature virtual corners, goods, and other activities that parents can trust to enhance their child’s education.

For the past few years, the metaverse is solely seen as an investment space for entertainment, but ClassDojo aims to make it more educational so that the growing kids can keep up with the changing world.

According to the ClassDojo team, the metaverse platform will initiate tools or games that empower creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and teamwork.

In an interview with Forbes, ClassDojo President, Liam Don says he wants to “expand the creative toolset” for kids instead of creating a platform for “edutainment.” The company will explore various possibilities that can be a good foundation for the kids.

ClassDojo has already been successful with virtual classroom technologies, now it will build a platform available for at least 51 million kids in active ClassDojo classrooms by fall 2022.

As of now, no metaverse hasn’t been designed for the kids entirely. Most children are familiarized with The Sandbox Game or Roblox but it is not completely safe or knowledgeable for them.

As technology continues to expand, it is essential to create tools that facilitate kids in learning new developments. ClassDojo’s metaverse platform for kids aims to achieve this goal.