new NFT collection

Crypto Cannabis Club 

The Crypto Cannabis Club is coming back with its second NFT collection called Gnomies. After the success of its debut July collection, NFTokers, Gnomies NFTs will add up to the Crypto Cannabis’s lore and also give more benefits to the community. The Crypto Cannabis Club Gnomies NFT collection is set to go live between July 11 and July 13.

The Crypto Cannabis Club storyline starts with it being the “biggest name in the weed game across the galaxy” in the year 3,000. CCC has a Universe of its own where many characters like NFTokers, Tokin Boss, NFTokins, and others. Now, Gnomies will become part of this ecosystem.

Gnomies NFTs are inspired by abstract art and digital illustrations. It is unlike any other NFT collection as it captures the true aesthetics of psychedelic connoisseurs.

The CCC Gnomies NFT collection is expected to go live for mint from July 11 to July 13. The holders will receive special benefits, access to IRL social events, and an invite to CCC’s community. Only holders added in greenlist members get to mint NFTs for free

Furthermore, Crypto Cannabis Club announced a partnership with and My Personal Plants, so the Gnomies NFT holders might receive discounts from these markets.

Wallets with rippy, Drippy, and Ganji set; one token boss, or an NFToker with Mushroom Drip Property can apply for greenlist until July 8. NFToker holders can buy one Gnomies per NFToker for 0.05 ETH. During the public mint, anyone can buy Gnomies NFT for 0.10 ETH.