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to debut first Kpop idol and NFT music on Metaverse, a famous NFT platform partners with the Kpop entertainment agency of Astro, actor Cha Eunwoo, Weki Meki, and more, Fantagio to debut the first solo female Kpop idol on the metaverse, according to Sports Kyunghang.

Meta Miu,” South Korea’s first-ever female prototype designed solely for the metaverse, will release its debut song “Uptown Boy” NFT music collection.

“Meta Miu” is an idol project co-produced by Felix and Fantagio. partnered with Fantagio to give the company a platform to showcase their Kpop idol in the metaverse.

Meta Miu will be debuting by dropping the first solo called “Uptown Boy” music NFT collection. The song is an introduction to Miu and a beginning of her journey in the metaverse.

“Born in Seoul, Miu has been roaming the underground metro as part of the colony of cats that lived in Gangnam Station. One day she decides to hop on a train in hopes of becoming a star,” the official website reads.

People who buy the whole music video NFT or complete parts of NFT can claim Miu Lightstick NFT on, which is a subscription to various benefits and content.

However, the ownership aspect of NFTs is different from the usual projects. The buyers can only own the NFT and use them for non-commercial purposes, the copyrights to the music video and the song will remain under the company.

Uptown Boy music NFT collection will be available for sale on on August 11, 2022.