New crypto listings, trading pairs, and delistings by crypto exchanges

Here is last week’s and today’s collection of crypto listings, trading pairs, and delistings announced by crypto exchanges around the world.


– announced the listing of Meta X Connect (MXC) – BigONE listed $PLCUBitMart will be listing X World Games (XWG), Cube Network (CUBE), CloudChat Token ($CC), Y-5 Finance Trader Token (Y5TT), CloudCoin (CC), Fat Cat Killer (KILLER), and Hubble Protocol (HBB). – Institutional announced the listing of Unifi Protocol DAO (UNFI) and Marlin (POND) on its platform –


Pink Blob

Huobi Global will be listing Lido Finance (LDO), DoraFactory (DORA), Moonwell (WELL), Mina Protocol (MINA), Lido Staked ETH (stETH), and many more. – KuCoin will add Moonwell (WELL), Forta (FORT), and Casper (CSPR) to the exchange – CoinBetter announced listings of Walken (WLKN), DeFi Yield Protocol (DYP), DREP (DREP), and Euler Finance (EUL) –, FINEXBOX, CoinEx, HitBTC, Hotbit, LBank, MEXC Global, ChangeNOW, ProBit, P2PB2B, VinDax, and XT also added various listings on their platforms.

Trading pairs

– Binance announced GTO/BUSD, SNX/ETH, and WBTC/BUSD trading pairs on its platform – Institutional added RUNE/USDC pair – KuCoin will add USDD/TRXOKX included CEL/USDC, THETA/USDC, FLM/USDC, CRO/USDC, KSM/USDC, FLOW/USDC, and more. – BitMart will also list some trading pairs on its platform.


– Crex 24 will delist Buzzcoin (BUZZ), Fivebalance (FBN), Fujicoin (FJC), Koto (KOTO), Qwertycoin (QWC), RemitaCoin (REMIT), 0cash (ZCH), CryptoBlast (BLAST), Caluracoin (CLC), MouseMN (MOUSE), Nasdacoin (NSD), Oduwa (OWDT), and ReeCore (REEX) – KuCoin removed Kin (KIN) and Defi Pulse Index (DPI) from its platform