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interest in ETC reduces risk exposure during the merge

interest in ETC reduces risk exposure during the merge

According to Messari, a crypto intelligence firm, Ethereum Classic (ETC) rose to an all-time high hash rate prior to the merge. Experts believe this might reduce 51% risk exposure during the merge.

Ethereum The merge is coming to the mainnet on 6 September 2022 which is expected to push the crypto market and improve the activity within the Ethereum blockchain. ETC has also gained attention.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is constantly charting in the crypto market as miners and traders ready themselves for the merge. Messari reports the ETC hash rate rose to 42 trillion hashes per second.

Since the merge will cause miners to lose their role in the Ethereum blockchain, they are moving to PoW-based tokens like Ethereum Classic.

Some miners are considering investing in the new PoW Ethereum token called ETHW forked by Chandler Guo and listed in Poloniex Exchange by Justin Sun. Vitalik Buterin is against this idea.

Although the merge might risk a 51% attack on ETC, the miners reduced this risk due to high hash rates that will protect ETC from an exploit. The ETH community is quite happy with this activity.

Will Ethereum Classic remain safe during the merge deployment or cause problems for the users? The predicted risk has lessened as of now.

Currently, ETC trades at $35.79 with a $4B market cap based on CoinMarketCap.

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