Crypto Thanksgiving Week:  Short Gains in Bitcoin, Market Cap at $842B

Crypto Thanksgiving Week:  Short Gains in Bitcoin, Market Cap at $842B

This Thanksgiving week, the crypto bears are hunting for the turkey. The Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins prices still show short gains in the market. Will the crypto market recover next month?

November closes with a melancholic aura in traders who are closely watching the up and down movements of the graph.

Based on Coinmarketcap data, BTC only dropped 0.03% this week. Having the biggest dominance in the market, the decentralized coin has managed to remain stable. Currently, it trades at $16,500.

On the other hand, Ethereum dropped 0.90% with a market cap of $149B. Traders are actively trading ETH in the market but are still at a loss, especially in NFT sales. ETH trades at $1,200.

The Solana coin, which was most affected by the FTX collapse is trading at $14.11. The SOL managed to gain 15.03% this week, it’s slowly rising up back to its original price.

Altcoins haven’t shown much improvement: MATIC is down by 0.15%, TRX gained 3.33%, AVAX rose 2.45%, and BNB increased by 16.02%. Overall, the market cap has dropped below $1T.

The market seems to be recovering from the shock waves sent by FTT tokens; however, it isn’t enough to say there might be a bullish pattern in December.

As November closes, the debate over Decentralized vs. Centralized exchanges continues. Non-crypto users are still hesitant in investing their money in the market.

Will December show a good sign for the crypto market?



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